A website is no more just a collection of pages. Rather it has become a necessary tool to grow any business.

Therefore, if you also have a website for your small business, you must take care of it as you do for any of your employees or equipment.

As a website design company, we know and understand that website development is not a one-time thing.

You may need to update, upgrade, redesign, or fix your website from time to time.

7 signals that show you need to fix your website

Of course, updating or redesigning a website is optional but fixing a buggy website is crucial.

Why should be fixing your buggy website your top priority?

  • Your website is the image of your business, so it’s important to fix it when required.
  • The errors on your website can affect the user experience.
  • The errors on your site can also affect the SEO score of your website.
  • You may not get leads & sales from your website if it has errors.

Now that you know why you should fix your website, let’s have a look at some of the scenarios when you need to fix your website.

In this blog post, we have shared 5 signals that will indicate that you need to fix your website. So, if you get any of these signals, you must hire a website builder to take care of your website errors & bugs.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Error warning messages

Have you ever experienced on your website, some warning messages shown on the webpages? 

There could be several reasons for these messages, such as:

  • Internal server error
  • Page not found
  • Request timeout
  • Bad request
  • Service Unavailable 

Due to any of the reasons above, your website may show warning messages on the web pages. 

This is of course one of the obvious situations for you to get your website fixed because, with these errors, your users can’t browse your website. 

#2 Slow loading speed

Is your website loading too slow?

If yes, you need to hire a website builder immediately to fix your website.

Why the slow loading speed of your website is critical to fix?

If you don’t fix your website for slow loading speed, you may face several consequences such as:

  • Loss of conversions
  • Loss of search engine rankings
  • High bounce rate
  • Low user engagement
  • Less repeated visitors

There could be several reasons for the slowness of your website, such as:

  • Outdated plugins & theme
  • A faulty plugin
  • Non-optimized images
  • Bad web hosting company
  • Non-optimized scripts & codes (JS, CSS etc. )

Due to any of the reasons above, your website’s loading speed may slow down.

It is therefore important for you to engage a website developer to fix the loading speed of your website.

If you are on a budget, you can also consider hiring Indian website builders to fix your website at an affordable cost.

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#3 High bounce rate

Are your users not staying on your website and quitting immediately as soon as they land? In other words, is your website experiencing a high bounce rate?

While there could be many reasons for a high bounce rate on any website, the lack of performance is perhaps one of the major reasons for it. 

Therefore, when you experience a high bounce rate on your website, you must hire a website developer who can check & fix all the performance-related issues on your site.

A high bounce can affect your website in several ways such as below:

  • Low conversions
  • Low sales
  • Loss of search engine rankings
  • Bad user experience 
  • Complaints from your customers about your website’s performance.

Don’t let any of the above consequences happen to you. Go ahead and hire an experienced website developer to fix the performance issues on your website. 

#4 Low conversions

Are you not getting enough conversions from your website despite having ample traffic on it? Perhaps you need to look into it seriously. 

One of the primary objectives to build a website is to get more conversions & sales from it. And when your website fails to do so, it’s a serious matter. 

Lack of conversions on any website could be because of many reasons, mainly below:

  • Slow loading speed
  • Errors & warning messages on your website
  • Disturbed design on mobiles and different browsers. 
  • Non-functional forms

Therefore, getting low or no conversions is yet another signal that calls for your website fixing

In some cases, you may also need to redesign your website to fully get rid of issues and increase conversions. 

#5 Loss of security

When your website shows security errors, you definitely need the assistance of your website builder.

Below are some of the situations where your website may be infected with malware or viruses:

  • If some or all of your web pages are redirecting users to suspicious websites, it means your website may have some malicious codes.
  • Sometimes, due to virus attacks or malicious code injections, your web hosting company may also disable your website. If that’s the case, you need to fix your website immediately.
  • Google Search Console may also send you a  message saying your website is hacked or it has malware.
  • Google Chrome or other browsers may also start showing security alerts/warnings to your users.
  • Your website may not be performing well because of some broken codes caused by virus attacks.

If you experience any of the above issues on your website, you should hire a website developer and fix these errors immediately. Once your website’s reputation is lost due to security errors, it may be difficult for you to get it back.  

Therefore, you shouldn’t take the security errors on your website casually and engage a web developer to fix your website

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