Are you looking for a mobile app developer in India to create your application? This blog post may help you!

If this is the first time that you are building a mobile application, you may have a lot of queries & concerns that you want to share with your app developer.

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While these queries may be crucial for your app development, you may not recall them together while talking to your developer.

Therefore, in this blog post, we have shared 6 FAQs (frequently asked questions) along with their answers that will help you to proceed ahead with your app development process quickly.

Let’s dive in.

#1 What are the charges to build an app?

This is perhaps one of the most important and frequently asked questions that most of our prospects ask us. They would ask us the questions like “How much is the cost to build a mobile app?” or “How much is the app development cost in India?“.

The cost to build a mobile app depends on the size & complexity of your application.

A simple yet basic mobile app may cost you between $3000 to $6000 or more however your may end up paying more than $10000 for a complicated mobile app.

What kind of apps are considered basic or simple?

  • Booking/Appointment app.
  • E-commerce mobile application.
  • Services finder application.
  • Classifieds application.

What kind of apps are considered as complicated?

  • On-demand & real-time services booking app.
  • Social networking app.
  • Dating mobile app.

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#2 How much time it takes?

Another important question that most of our prospects and clients have is about time. They would ask us the questions like “How much time does it take to create an app?” or “How soon you can complete my app development?“.

Again, the timeframe to build a mobile application depends on the size & nature of your mobile application.

Also, it depends on the type of app that you want to build. If you need a native mobile app, it may take more time to build as compared to a hybrid app.

Let’s take some examples here too.

To build a simple appointment/booking app, it may take around a month while for developing a mobile app for on-demand services or marketplace, it may take more than 3 months.

What kind of app do you need.

#3 Is there any hidden charges?

Based on our experience as an app development company in India, we have been asked many times questions like “Are there any hidden charges to build my app?” or “What are the associated charges that I may have to pay to run my apps?“.

There are really no hidden charges to build a mobile application, other than the app development cost however you may need to pay some charges to host your app. 

Yes, you will have to pay either on annual basis or one-time for hosting your mobile apps and associated web services. 

As of today (December 15, 2020), Apple charges $99 per annum to host/store an iOS app and Google Play has a one-time fee of $25. Additionally, you may also have to pay for the web hosting charges if your app uses web services. These hosting charges may vary between $50 to $120 per annum. 

To some business owners, it sounds like a hidden cost because their app developers never informed them about these charges. 

#4 How can I see the progress?

This is another common question that our prospects and clients ask us. 

“How can I see the progress of my app development?”

At Innomax, we always make sure to share the development progress with our clients after every milestone/step so that they don’t get surprises after the app development is completed. 

With each milestone, we would seek feedback from our clients so that we can make the necessary changes to match their expectations. 

Sharing the progress of app development will ensure that both parties (app developers & clients) are on the same page. 

#5 Will you keep my idea a secret?

For all the entrepreneurs who have a unique idea behind creating a mobile app, there is a common concern of confidentiality. In other words, they are worried about what will happen if their app developers leak out their ideas.

We also get a lot of queries from our prospects who would ask us the questions like “Will you keep my app idea a secret?” or “How can I assure that you won’t share my app idea with your other clients“. 

To answer these questions, we always suggest our clients sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). This NDA states a lot of clauses that boil down to the fact that we will not share the app idea with other clients until the app is completed and made live. 

If you are also worried about the secrecy of your app idea, go for an NDA with your app developer or app development company.

#6 Do you provide support?

Even though you and your app developer may have tested the application a few times before making it live, you may still experience some minor bugs or issues. To resolve those issues, you will definitely need the assistance of your app builder. 

Here comes the support of a developer. 

Many business owners & entrepreneurs understand this and therefore they would ask questions like “Do you provide free support after the launch?” or “For how many months will you provide us the support after the app completion?“.

At Innomax, we always provide a free service warranty of 3-6 months depending upon the complexity and size of the project. During this warranty period, we assist our clients to fix any kind of issues & bugs that may arise in their app. 

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