When you choose WordPress to build your site, you always try to keep your website development cost as low as possible. 

For instance, you try to signup with affordable web hosting to save your money, you prefer hiring an Indian website developer to create your website, and so on. 

But there are a few things that you shouldn’t compromise with just for the sake of saving some money. 

For example, when it comes to the selection of a theme for your WordPress website, you must go for a paid theme. 

Although you may have to pay for the paid themes, you will get several benefits that you may not get with a free WordPress theme.

6 Reasons to choose paid theme for your WordPress website development

If you are new to WordPress, this blog post will help you to understand why paid themes are better than free themes. 

Here, we have shared 6 reasons for you or your website builder to choose the paid theme for your WordPress website development. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Excellent support

Support is perhaps one of the major reasons for webmasters and website developers to choose a paid theme.

When you choose a paid theme, you are likely to get excellent support from the theme developer. 

This means whenever you need any assistance related to the installation or any bugs or errors on the theme, you can contact the theme developers and they will help you to fix those problems. 

But in the case of a free WordPress theme, you have nobody to contact and seek the resolution. 

Although most theme developers provide free support for up to 6 months, you get an option to extend the support by paying some nominal amount too.

#2 Regular updates

Updating the website codes regularly is very important to maintain the overall performance of any website. So is the case with the WordPress themes too. 

When you go for a paid theme, you will be able to update it, as and when required, to its newest version however that’s not the case with a free theme.

What could be the consequences of not updating your WordPress theme regularly:

  • Your website could be hacked. 
  • Your website could face slow loading speed
  • Your website may produce errors abruptly due to compatibility issues.
  • You may not get the patches to fix the existing bugs on your themes. 
  • You may not get the required patches to update your theme with the new features. 

#3 Responsive design

Getting a responsive (mobile-friendly) design is yet another benefit of going with a paid theme for your WordPress website development.

Although most of the latest WordPress themes (both free & paid) come with a responsive design, you may still find some responsiveness related issues with the free themes.

And as mentioned earlier, you don’t get any support with the free themes. So, you will have to hire a website builder to take care of the responsiveness of your free yet faulty theme. 

With most of the paid WordPress themes, you will get a responsive website design.

Additionally, you also get the support of your theme developer (in the case of paid themes) just in case you experience any responsive design issues in your theme.

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#4 Easy to customize

Most paid themes come with an easy-to-customize interface so that you can change all the important areas of your website seamlessly.

The paid themes allow you to customize:

  • Website’s colors
  • Website’s font styles.
  • Website’s design based on different available templates. 
  • Import the dummy data to make your website look great. 

With the free themes, you may have to manage all the above-mentioned areas of the website yourself. 

In some cases, you may also have to hire a WordPress developer

So, you may end up paying more for the free theme’s customization than the actual cost of a paid theme. This will eventually increase your overall website development cost

#5 SEO & security

The developers of paid themes always try to test their codes for various compliances such as W3C.

As a result, when you go for a paid theme, you get a secured & SEO-friendly website. 

In the case of a free WordPress theme, you may not get a W3C compliant website.

When you use a paid theme with the W3C compliant codes for your WordPress website development, you get several benefits such as:

  • SEO-friendly codes
  • Fast loading webpages
  • Browser compatibility
  • Device compatibility
  • Security
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#6 Professional website design

Last but not the least, most paid themes have brilliant & professional website designs.

When you compare free themes with paid ones, you will definitely be inclined towards the design of paid themes. They really look professional & vibrant.

You do not wish to redesign your website every 3 months or 6 months. Right? In other words, when you build a new website, it can last for years. 

So, when you are hiring a WordPress developer to create your business website, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy a paid theme, that won’t even cost you more than $100, to get a professional website. 

This small investment on a paid theme is really worth it. 

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