Are you looking for an affordable e-commerce website to sell your products online?

Go for WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin to set up an e-commerce store in a few hours.

The best part with WooCommerce based online stores is that you can integrate several free & paid plugins to not only enhance the look of your store but to get more sales too.

What’s more. You don’t need to hire any WordPress developer to integrate these plugins however if you wish to customize any of these plugins, then you must engage a website developer to assist you.

increase ecommerce sales-

So, if you want to build an e-commerce website using WordPress (WooCommerce) or already have one, this blog post will help you to learn about some great plugins that you can use and grow your sales. 

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Here are 6 WordPress plugins that you or your website designer must not miss to integrate with your WooCommerce site if you really want to increase your sales. 

Let’s get started!

#1 Booster

How Booster can help your e-commerce store to get more sales:

  • Bulk Price Converter: If you intend to increase or decrease the prices of all the products on your e-commerce website, this plugin can help you.
  • Multi-Currency: For the ease of your customers, this plugin can help to provide a currency conversion option on your e-commerce store. It also provides automatic currency exchange rates for WooCommerce.
  • Wholesale Price: You can allow your customers to buy more and get more discounts with the help of this plugin.
  • User-roles based price: If you want to show different prices for different user roles, Booster can help you too.

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#2 Beeketing

Beeketing has many great features that you can incorporate with your e-commerce store and grow your sales:

  • Recent orders pop-up: A feature that you can show recent orders notifications on your website. This can build trust among new customers to see what others are buying and encourage them to purchase too.
  • Sales Countdown: To show urgency for the customers to buy your products before they are out-of-stock or the discount is over, this feature is very helpful.
  • Coupon Pop-up: Don’t let your users leave your website without purchasing any product. Show them a coupon pop-up and encourage them to buy from you.
  • Mobile View Buttons: For the customers using their mobile device, you can show a fix “Buy Now” button so that they don’t need to look around to find the “Buy Now” button.

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#3 Live Sales Notification

Live Sales Notification plugin can display a small notification box on your e-commerce website to show the sales happing on your website, in a live mode. This plugin can:

  • Auto-sync with store’s sales data & showcase real orders live sales feed.
  • Create “fake” sales notifications to promote any items as hot sellers.

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#4 YITH Wishlist

YITH Wishlist plugin can help to place a wishlist widget on your e-commerce website. Here are some of the great benefits of this plugin:

  • This plugin can direct your customers to a customized wishlist page, that’s aligned with the design of your online store.
  • It can help your customers to create multiple wishlist(s).
  • What’s more. Your customers can also share their wishlists on their social networks.

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#5 Direct Checkout

How Direct Checkout plugin can help you to increase your sales?

Well, this plugin enables your potential buyers to go to the checkout page directly, thereby skipping the shopping cart page.

  • It can also help you to reduce the order abandonment rate on your website.
  • This plugin reduces the checkout time.

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#6 Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend plugin can help you to build a referral system on your e-commerce website. As a result, you get more sales with the same effort of marketing.

This plugin:

  • Enables the referred customers to get a one-time discount.
  • Enables you to provide rewards to the customers who are referring your website to their friends.

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