Hiring an Indian website builder can definitely lower the cost of your website development however there are a few things that you need to consider before hiring them.

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Are you too looking for a website builder in India? 

This blog post will help you. 

In this blog post, we have shared 7 things to check or consider before you shortlist & hire an Indian web developer to build your website.

#1 Check the portfolio

No matter how cheap your web developer has quoted, before you award your web design project, you must check out the portfolio of your shortlisted developer.

By looking at the portfolio of your shortlisted Indian website builder, you will come to know whether they can deliver your project according to your expectations or not.

For example, if you need an e-commerce website, you must check out their recent e-commerce works and be fully satisfied before hiring your developer.

Although most web design companies and developers showcase their works on their websites, you can request them to send their latest works for you to review.

#2 Check communication skills

No matter how good their work is, if your website builder is not able to communicate with you properly, there is a high chance that you will be disappointed & frustrated down the road.

Take your time. Talk to your website builder about your ideas. 

You can invite them to chat with you over Skype or WhatsApp and find out whether they really understand your concepts & ideas or not.

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#3 Check out their support & availability

One of the biggest hindrances while hiring Indian website developers is their availability according to your time zone

You may have a different timezone than theirs. 

So, you must clarify with them about their operating hours during which they will work for you and provide you support.

For instance, at Innomax Solutions, we do provide support to all of our clients according to their time zones. 

#4 Check out their price

Even when you hire Indian web developers, you may get a variety of quotes, which lowers to the highest.

The prime reason for any business owner to hire Indian website builders is to save money and that should always remain the major objective.

Therefore, you must always compare all the proposals from different web developers & agencies in India and choose the one which is the lowest and at the same time attractive too.

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#5 Checkout their clients' testimonials

Although every web developer will try to convince you of their support & quality, the only best way to evaluate their performance is to ask their customers.

Before you finally outsource your website development to India, you must check about their services from their existing customers.

You can ask your shortlisted developer to provide you with the email or phone number of their clients whom they can speak with and seek their feedback about the developer’s support & quality.

#6 Checkout their experience & existence

How much experience does your web developer have?

Since how long your web developer has been working?

When it comes to website development, experience matters a lot.

A web developer with mediocre skills who has worked on hundreds of projects is always better than a smart developer with excellent skills who has worked on a couple of projects.

Hiring an experienced website developer will ensure the timely completion of your project.

#7 Checkout their project understanding

Sometimes even experienced web developers may also disappoint you in the absence of clear project understanding.

The lack of understanding may be because of your inability to convey your ideas to your web developer or your web builder’s inability to understand the concept because of miscommunication.

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