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Here are 7 questions that you must ask your PHP developers before you outsource your website to them.

#1 How much experience do you have in PHP development?

Experience is the most important quality that your PHP developer must have and therefore, this should be your first question “How much experience do you have in the development of websites using PHP?

Although there are so many recommendations on certain years of experience to hire a PHP web developer, a coder must have at least 2-3 years of experience to handle the complexities that may arise during website development.

#2 Do you have any sample websites that you did using PHP?

Although the experience of a web programmer matters a lot, exposure is more important. 

Some developers may have 4 years of experience but they may have worked on a couple of websites only. On the other hand, there could be a case where a  developer has only 2 years of experience but may have worked on more than 25 websites. 

So, the more exposure a web programmer has, the better it will be for your website development. 

#3 Which framework or CMS will you use?

You must ensure that you know whether your PHP developer is using a framework like Code Ignitor, Laravel, etc. or he is using any CMS like WordPress.

Generally, the cost to develop a website using CMS is lower as compared to PHP frameworks. 

But whatever the case, you must ask your programmer about the platform that he or she has been using to construct your website

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#4 What will be the total web development cost?

This is the question that you must ask your web developer upfront. And also, you must ask if there are any hidden charges or additional costs.

There are some web developers who may not tell you the truth about the subsequent charges that you may need to pay during your website development. So, get everything in writing. 

The total cost of your website development shouldn’t be changed unless you have made some significant iterations in the project scope. 

If you are hiring a website builder in India, you can easily get a simple corporate website for $600 and an e-commerce website can cost you as low as $1000.

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#5 How much time it will take to finish the website?

Before you outsource your website to Indian programmers, make sure that you ask them about the timeline to complete your website. 

In the absence of a specified deadline, it may take longer than expected. You can also sign a contract with your web developer or web design agency in India, to have everything in black & white. 

If you aren’t sure about the necessary contents of a web design contract, read this blog post where we have shared some of the important clauses a web development contract must have. 

#6 How much is the warranty period?

Even after your website is launched, you may face some issues or bugs on your website. These bugs should be fixed by your website developer who developed your website in the very first place. But most of the website coders don’t do that. 

Before you engage a web developer in India, you must have clearly mentioned the warranty period in your website proposal or web development contract.

We, at Innomax, provide a 3-months warranty to all of our clients. This means that if any issue or bug appears within 3 months of the website launch, we will fix them for our clients, without charging any single penny.

#7 What will be the mode of communication?

Since you are hiring an overseas web developer, you must ask about the mode of communication too.

No matter the size of your project, you’ll definitely need to communicate with your web developer.

Is your website programmer available on calls also, other than emails and chats? Make sure you ask about these things prior to hiring them for your website development.

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