Don’t make that common mistake that most businesses make. They don’t sign a contract with their web developer and as a consequence, they have to face complications.

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If you aren’t sure about the contents of a web design contract, this blog post will help you. 

Here, we have shared 8 essential elements of a web design contract.

#1 Scope Of Work

This is perhaps the most important clause of any web design contract.

A web design contract must have a  detailed scope of work so that you and your web developer have a common understanding of the project deliverables. 

In the absence of detailed work scope, a web development contract may not serve its true purpose.

#2 Obligations

Whether you are hiring a web developer or web design company in India, you must ensure that you have all the obligations mentioned clearly, in the web design contract. 

Obligations might include all the instructions that you may want to lay down for your developers. It can include that your web developer or agency is fully obliged to behave in a certain manner and that they must take care of your project with the required skills & care. 

#3 Payment Structure

In order to avoid any conflicts in the future, it must be mentioned in the web design contract whether you will be paying your web developer on a monthly basis or you are going to split the payment into a few parts, depending upon the type of your project.

This clause will be helpful to both parties because your developer will know when they can expect the next payment and you are also assured of the progress before making any further payment(s).

#4 Termination

A web design contract must state clearly the terms under which either party can terminate the agreement

It must mention under what circumstances you may want to end the contract and how much notice is required to do so.

#5 Non-Disclosure

If you want to keep your business material, process, or any other critical information confidential, you must ensure that your web design contract has a clearly stated non-disclosure clause too.

#6 Other Restrictions

This clause is especially important for businesses that may have some new concept or idea in the market. 

If you think that you are among the pioneers for introducing any services or products in the market, you must ensure that your web design contract must have a clause under which your web developer or any of their associates can’t compete with you in the future. 

#7 Source Codes

Now, this is one of the common mistakes that most businesses make while hiring any web developer. They never mention in their contract or proposal, that all the source codes will be handed over to them by their web developers after the successful completion of the project.

As a result, they always have to look out for their previous developers for making any new changes in their websites. Things become even worst when they aren’t able to contact their developers due to some reasons.

#8 Warranties

In your web design contract, you must always mention the warranty provided by your web design agency or web developer. This is to ensure that if you face any issue or bug in the website, your web developer must take responsibility to fix them without charging any additional amount from you.

For instance, in our case, we at Innomax, provide our customers with a warranty period of 3 months

Even after the website is launched and made life, if our customers face any issues & report them within 3 months, we make sure to fix them without charging a single penny from them.

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