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Congratulations! You can really save more than 30% of your web development cost when you hire Indian developers but there are a few things that you need to take care of before you award your web design project to any developer in India.

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In this blog post, we are going to share 7 things that you must take care before of hiring a PHP developer in India. 

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#1 PHP experience

How much experience does your Indian PHP developer have? 

Is he or she a:

  • Beginner level developer
  • Mid-level developer
  • Advance developer

How does experience matter?

If your project is complex that requires master skills to build, you must always prefer to hire an experienced PHP developer to ensure timely & quality deliverables. 

In the case of complicated projects, it’s likely for the web developers to get stuck, and to get out of that situation, their past experience helps them a lot. 

A beginner or mid-level experienced developer may not be able to handle a complex project. 

However, if you just need a basic website with a couple of pages, then you may consider hiring a mid-level developer too (if it’s cost-effective) because creating a basic website doesn’t require any special skills or experience. 

Hire an affordable PHP developer in India.

#2 Billing model

What kind of billing model do your shortlisted PHP developers work on? Do they work on a project basis or hourly billing structure?

If possible, you must always hire a PHP developer in India on a project basis instead of hourly billing. 

In the case of hourly billing, you may end up paying more than your expected budget while project basis billing ensures that you don’t spend more than your allocated budget.

There are several PHP developers in India who work on billing models however most Indian website builders work on a project basis. 

Additionally, you can also sign a formal contract with your developer or web development company in India and ensure to mention that the cost of your website development will remain fixed and won’t increase unless there are some additional changes in the project scope. 

#3 Know your requirements

What kind of web development requirements do you have? You do need to be very sure about it before even you start searching for a PHP developer in India. 

You may be looking for:

  • A new PHP website: You may need a fresh PHP website for your new online venture. If that’s the case, you will have a lot of options to choose any of the best PHP frameworks or CMS platforms to build your website. 
  • Existing PHP website redesign: If you are looking to redesign your existing PHP website, then you must look out for PHP developers who have the ability to design a new look for your website and implement it with your current setup. 
  • Existing PHP website upgrades: Perhaps you may be facing some issues or bugs on your existing PHP website due to outdated codes and scripts. In this case, you may search for a developer who can have the skills to troubleshoot and fix your website. 
  • API integration: You may want to integrate 3rd party services with your existing PHP website through APIs. To do this job, you definitely need experienced & professional PHP developers in India who have at least 5 years of experience in PHP website development. 

#4 Existing PHP portfolio

Before you outsource your PHP website to an Indian developer or web design company, you must check out their existing portfolio. Especially, you must ensure that they have enough experience in PHP website development. 

When you start searching for a reliable Indian PHP developer, you can ask them about their past works in:

  • PHP frameworks development
  • PHP-based CMS platforms 
  • API integration
  • HTML coding 
  • CSS scripts

For example, if you are looking for PHP developers to build your e-commerce website using WordPress CMS, you must request your shortlisted developers to share similar works that they did for their clients in the past. 

#5 Communication skills

Effective communication is the key to any successful web development project. In other words, to avoid any kind of conflicts, delays, or misunderstandings, you must ensure that your PHP developer in India is able to communicate with you effectively. 

Even if you are getting the lowest possible cost to build your PHP website from a developer who is not able to communicate properly, don’t go for it. The cost may attract you initially but eventually, this relationship may end up with disputes & conflicts. 

Most importantly, your developer must be able to understand your business requirements. There are many coders or programmers in India who know their job well but when it comes to communication, they may disappoint you. 

What’s the solution?

Before hiring any Indian PHP developer, you can arrange a call over Skype or WhatsApp and check out whether they have completely understood your project requirements or not.

Believe it or not, checking a developer for his communication skills will save you a lot of time, effort & money. 

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#6 Sign-off web development contract

Before proceeding ahead to build your website, you must ensure to sign off a formal contract with your PHP developer. This contract will ensure that you will get a quality product within your budget & required timeframe. 

What could be the essential items of a website development contract?

  • The scope of your PHP website
  • The technologies/scripts that your PHP developer will use to build your website. 
  • The timeframe to complete the website development.
  • The total budget to build your website. 
  • Payment terms or structure
  • The termination clause
  • Non-disclosure clause

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#7 Check out maintenance & support

Website development is not a one-time thing. You do need to maintain & upgrade your website regularly. 

Is your shortlisted PHP developer in India able to provide you with maintenance services

Before you get started with any Indian developer, check out their maintenance packages as well. 

Other than the maintenance, your developer must be able to provide you with free support after the website’s completion. During this support period, you can report any kind of bug or issue to your PHP developer and he should fix them without charging you any additional money. 

At Innomax, we provide all of our clients with free support for 3 months after the website completion. 

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