When you or your web developer creates a website using WooCommerce (an eCommerce plugin for WordPress), there are many things that you need to customize in order to make sure that your eCommerce website has your own business’ information instead of the default WooCommerce options.

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Unfortunately, most eCommerce developers or webmasters don’t pay attention to these minor details and leave the default options as they are or never customize or add them. 

As a result, their website may look unprofessional, and sometimes it may even cost them.

In this blog post, we have shared some of the basic settings or configurations that you need to do when you create a brand new online store using WooCommerce.

#1 Auto emails

The auto emails on WooCommerce must be changed according to your own business requirements.

Below are some of the events for which you must customize the emails to match your business requirement:

  • Account signup
  • Successful payment
  • Failed payments
  • Order placement
  • & more

By default, the WooCommerce plugin comes with pre-defined text messages for every email that your customer will receive.

You can easily change the text of the auto-emails on Woocommerce, but you need to log in to the admin panel of your website and go to the WooCommerce -> settings -> email settings -> and there you can change the text of the auto emails.

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#2 Shipping methods & charges

Your website builder may not remind you to add the various shipping methods and their respective charges that you may want to add to your customers’ bills. 

But you need to make sure that your website has all of this information and charges in place so that you don’t have to pay those charges from your pocket.

Adding shipping methods and charges take only a few minutes. So don’t miss out on this essential item.

You can easily add the shipping charges on Woocommerce, for which you need to log in to the admin panel of your website and go to the WooCommerce -> settings -> shipping -> and there you can define the shipping zones, shipping methods, and shipping charges.

#3 Taxes

One of the most common mistakes people make is to not add taxes to the prices of the items in their store. 

When you launch your newly built eCommerce store, you must make sure that you have added an appropriate tax slab to be charged from your customers.

The taxes can be defined on your eCommerce website from your admin panel WooCommerce -> settings -> General

#4 Payment methods

Adding payment methods to your website is an essential part of launching a business online.

You’ll want to make sure that your eCommerce store accepts the major credit cards and PayPal.

You’ll also want to make sure that your website accepts the local payment methods relevant to your customers like bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc.

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#5 Currency

While setting up your WooCommerce store, you must make sure to choose the right currency so that your target audience can buy your products easily.

The currencies can be defined on your eCommerce website from your admin panel WooCommerce -> settings -> General

However, if you want to sell globally, then you must install a multi-currency plugin to allow users to choose their preferred currency.

Additionally, there are certain WordPress plugins that also show up the price on your website according to the user’s location. These plugins detect the IP of your users and render all the products in their own native currency.

You may have to hire a WooCommerce developer to install and configure advanced currency plugins on your website.

#6 Brand colors

When you install a WooCommerce to set up your website, you must ensure that all the webpages, graphics, icons, etc. have your brand colors.

Also, you may like to check the formats & color theme of all the auto emails that your customers will receive when they take any action on your site like signup, checkout, etc.

By default, WooCommerce auto emails have their own brand colors (purple) that you must change to align with your branding.

Your website developer can help you to customize all the emails and web pages of your site to match your branding.

#7 Tagline & logo

There are several themes that will ask you to upload different logos for different resolutions and devices. For example, they may ask you to upload a different logo for desktop view and a different one for mobile view.

Therefore, it’s always good to test your website for all the devices and browsers to make sure that your eCommerce store works as expected.

The same goes with the tagline. You must make sure that your eCommerce store has a customized tagline and not the default one.

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