Do not feel bad if your web designers are getting stuck in the web development process. 

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Every web designer hits a rough patch sometimes during his/her career. All you need is a way to help them reboot their brain back in the gear and get their creative juices flowing again. 

This exactly is why we have put together these 8 awesome design tips to help you get your team out of the rut when they feel stuck.

#1 Give Them A Break

Have your website designer take some time away from their desk and share their design ideas with other people working in the area of website design. 

Let them get that feedback on their ideas and then give them a break for a day or so to let the ideas sink in. 

When they come back the second time around, they will feel more refreshed and more fruitful with their creative material.

#2 Make Use Of Word Games

Playing word games is an awesome way of generating ideas and thinking laterally. 

Try making use of what some people refer to as “essence words” in order to pin down your team’s website design ideas – words that encapsulate the personality, message, and spirit of what you are trying to get across, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Within a day or two, you and your team will be able to find something that will resonate with your brains.

#3 Stay Focused On Structure

Having all the attention on the structure of your website will help your web developers in stepping away from the website design process and getting a bird’s eye view, just like when you are making a plan. 

It may help if they can work on a medium other than their computer.

For instance, if they make sketches on a piece of paper using just one colored pen, they can get their mind off the colors and other details for some time. 

If they make use of a whiteboard or flipcharts, they may even make the whole process collaborative.

#4 Play Attention To CTA & Minimalism

Being clear on the objectives of pages and websites will allow their web development brain to get rid of things that do not serve the intended purpose. 

This will help your website designers in streamlining their design and making it more pleasing to the eyes. 

They will be able to safely eliminate things like sidebars, menu items, and muddy jargon.

#5 Special Care On Content Formatting

Unfortunately, content formatting does not get the attention it deserves from most website designers. 

Content has to be the most important component of your website, be it in the shape of a sales copy or blog post. 

All said and done, that is the reason why the visitors are even on your page. 

The intent of your design should be to present the material in a format that makes it easy for your visitors to consume.

  • Make proper use of headings, lists, and paragraphs.
  • Make use of images and other forms of media where it makes sense and optimizes your fonts.

#6 Follow Web Design Standards

Do not let your web developer’s creativity fly so much out of hand that the established web standards are not followed. 

Users have gotten used to certain paradigms and following web standards is a good way of ensuring that your users can follow your website easily. 

Make sure that your team stay’s consistent with your design and branding across all web pages.

  • Use the top left corner of the pages to host the logo of your website.
  • The contact information should be presented in the center or top right.
  • The social media icons should be placed in the footer.
  • The search feature should be provided as part of the header.
  • The main navigation should be on the top.

#7 Think Mobile First

More and more people are now coming to the web using their mobile phones. 

Google has already announced that its search engine will judge websites based on their mobile presence. 

It will hurt your search rankings if you do not have good mobile support. 

This makes it even more important to start with mobile-first. Moving forward, your primary customer will be mobile users.

#8 Make use of A/B testing

Just thinking about your website design on your own doesn’t cut it. You have to let the users make design decisions. 

A/B testing is an awesome way of finding out what makes your site better. It means offering different design versions of your website to randomly picked visitors and observing how they react. 

The results can then be used to make design decisions.

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