One of the most important factors that contribute to the success of any e-commerce website is the user experience. 

If you too have an eCommerce website and wondering how you can increase your sales, just focus on enhancing the user experience of your store.

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Although there are many ways to enrich the user’s experience on your website, live chat is one of the most efficient yet cost-effective methods. 

The live chat feature can help you to grow your online sales. 

Therefore, it does make complete sense for you to ask your website builder to integrate this fantastic feature into your online store.

If you are wondering why you should add a live chat feature, do read this blog to the end. 

In this blog post, we’ve shared 9 reasons for you to integrate a live chat feature into your e-commerce website. 

#1 Customer support

When your web developer integrates a live chat widget into your online store, your customers can directly ask you questions about your products or services. They don’t have to call you or send you an email. 

It saves your time also to answer their emails or attend their phone calls. You can simply handle multiple customers’ requests through a live chat tool. 

#2 Easy integration

Now, this is another important reason for you to add a live chat to your website. It doesn’t make a hole in your wallet to integrate a live chat module into your website. It doesn’t cost you a fortune to integrate the live chat tool with your website.

In other words, live chat integration will not increase your website development cost

Especially if you have used WordPress to build your e-commerce store, your developer can easily install a chat plugin in just a few clicks. 

#3 Get more conversions

A live chat tool can help you to grow your online sales. Because you are able to resolve the queries of your potential buyers on the spot, they are more likely to place their orders with you. 

Additionally, you or your agent can also help your customers find their desired products according to their requirements. 

#4 It is affordable

Another big reason for you to integrate a live chat with your e-commerce website is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune. 

You can easily subscribe to an affordable monthly plan that shouldn’t cost you more than $20 a month and you will be all set to use a live chat system on your own website. 

Additionally, your website developer shouldn’t charge you a lot because all that he needs to do is just copy and paste a script on all the web pages of your site. 

Fortunately, if you have developed your website using WordPress, it becomes, even more, easier for you to integrate a live chat once you subscribe to any package. 

Most of the live chat providers offer WordPress plugins for you to install & activate with your website to use their amazing features. 

#5 Enhance upselling

When you integrate a live chat system with your online store, you can talk to your customers directly, assist them in choosing their products, and upsize their basket size by recommending additional products to them. 

The best way to up-sell your e-commerce store is to ask about their requirements and suggest to them, according to your expertise, the products that match their needs. Additionally, you can also recommend a few additional products to your visitors that they may also like to buy along with their original order. 

In other words, the live chat tool can help you to grab more sales in the form of up-selling. 

#6 Reduced bounce rate

Do you want your e-commerce website to be engaging? Ask your website builder to integrate a live chat plugin with your website. 

The live chat feature will help you to reduce the bounce rate and increase the user-engagement rate of your website. 

How can a live chat tool help you to reduce the bounce rate?

When your visitors land on your website and you ask them “How can I help you!”, it’s very much likely that they will respond to your greeting and talk to you about their purpose of visit.

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#7 Customers love it

Not every customer is the same who visits your website. 

Some of them may already have experience in buying online, while others may be resistant to place their orders because they are not confident in online purchasing. 

For all the novice online shoppers, your live chat service can be helpful to remove their resistance, by simply talking to them and resolving their queries or concerns. 

When the customers find prompt support on your website, they really love it and feel confident in placing their orders with you. 


#8 You get first-hand feedback

Receiving feedback from customers is an integral part of any business. Especially, if you run an e-commerce store, your customers’ feedback about your products really matters to you a lot. 

When you talk to your customers directly through the live chat tool on your website, you get to know what they think about your products and what they expect you to improve. 

Be it about the new collection, size, or color, you will get to know first-hand feedback from your customers.

#9 Competitive advantage

Last, but not least, you get a competitive advantage when you integrate a live chat tool with your e-commerce website. 

If you look at your competitors, most of them may not be leveraging the live chat tool. 

It’s not that they can’t afford to integrate the live chat system or they don’t want to do it, but it’s because they actually don’t know the benefits of using the live chat feature.

So, this is the right time for you to take advantage of this fantastic tool and grow your e-commerce sales.

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