The bounce rate is calculated by dividing the total number of visits by the total number of bounces. 

The bounce rate is an important metric when it comes to measuring your website’s performance.

Your bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave your site from the moment they first land on it. If they only spend a few seconds on your page before leaving, that’s a high bounce rate. If they spend a long time on your site, that’s a low bounce rate.

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It’s important to keep your bounce rate low, as a high bounce rate indicates that your visitors aren’t finding what they were looking for.

How can a high bounce rate affect your website?

Here are some of the major consequences that you may have to face if the bounce rate of your website is high.

#1 Low conversions

A high bounce rate essentially means that people are landing on your site but aren’t sticking around.

This is a red flag that can have a negative impact on your conversions, especially if you’re running an e-commerce site.

#2 Lost SEO rankings

When it comes to SEO, the bounce rate is huge. If you have a high bounce rate, it’s going to have a negative impact on your SEO rankings.

Keep in mind that the bounce rate is calculated by Google Analytics by taking the total number of sessions and dividing it by the total number of bounces.

#3 Loss of loyal users

A high bounce rate can affect a lot of things including the user experience. It can also affect the loyalty of your users. If they are landing on your page and leaving within less than a minute, then they probably won’t come back to your page later.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website. You may need to hire a website developer to implement a few changes to your website & pay him accordingly, but this small investment is really worth it.

You can also hire website builders in India who can help you to fix the issues on your website and bring down the high bounce rate.

Below are some of the effective ways in which you or your website designer can fix the high bounce rate of your website:

#1 Making content readable

There are a lot of factors that can affect your bounce rate, but one of the easiest to address is readability.

One of the most important parts of improving your conversion rate and lowering your bounce rate is making sure your copy is easily readable.

Higher readability can often lead to higher conversions.

Your website designer in India can:

  • Use appropriate fonts that are readable.
  • Provide appropriate word spacing and line height.
  • Use appropriate font colors and font sizes.

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#2 Using appropriate call-to-action

A high bounce rate is often a result of having a poorly designed site that doesn’t convert visitors. 

One way to fix this is by adding “call to action” elements on your web pages, such as buttons that tell visitors to buy your product or download your content.

So, if you’ve got a high bounce rate, you should probably be adding a call to action.

If you’ve got a really light button, your designer can make sure that your CTA copy is dark and vice versa.

In other words, your website developer in India can make sure that your CTA button is noticeable and stands out on your page.

#3 Using high-resolution images

Make sure your images are high-resolution. It’s not just about the size of your pictures; it’s about the quality. 

If your images are pixelated or blurry, your audience will assume your content isn’t any good either. 

Apparently, they may quit your website immediately.

High-resolution images can slow down the load time of your website. But your website developer can help you to compress the images with the help of an image compression plugin or too.

There are several websites such as pexels.com from where your website designer in India can download high-quality pictures and use them on your website.

#4 Using responsive design

Responsive design is one of the best ways to fix a high bounce rate.

Since we know that most internet surfers use their smartphones and other handheld devices to browse websites, it’s crucial to have a responsive website design.

Your Indian website designer can fix the responsive issues, making your site more accessible to a wider range of users, and reducing the bounce rate as a result.

When people can easily access your site from their smartphones, they’re going to spend more time on your site.

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#5 Optimizing the loading speed

Improving the loading speed of your site can help to fix a high bounce rate because a fast-loading site will keep your users on your site longer than a slow-loading site.

A high bounce rate is usually caused by a slow loading site so improving your site’s speed will definitely help to get a lower bounce rate.

Here comes the assistance of your website developer in India who can help you to optimize the loading speed of your website at a reasonable cost.

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It’s important to keep in mind that the bounce rate of a site is not a reflection of how interesting your website is. Bounce rate is only a reflection of how engaged a visitor is with your site.

If you are also facing a high bounce rate on your website, don’t delay anymore. 

Hire a website designer in India to take care of your bounce rate.

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