India is definitely a better choice when it comes to website outsourcing. Whether you need a simple website or an eCommerce site, you can outsource your project to Indian web developers who can help you to build your website at an affordable price.

Hiring a website designer in India can help you to reduce your overall website development cost by more than 30%.

If you also need an eCommerce website at an affordable price, you must hire an affordable yet reliable web development agency in India.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring eCommerce builders in India:

  • You get an affordable quote for your eCommerce website development in India.
  • You get excellent support from the Indian developers.
  • Most Indian developers are good at communication so you won’t face any issues in communicating with them.
  • You get an SEO-friendly website because most Indian website design companies also offer SEO services to their clients.
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But before you hire any website builder in India or even seek a quotation to create your eCommerce store, you need to make sure that you have done your part of website development well.

Now, what does your part of website development cover? Well, this process involves answering a few questions.

In this blog post, we are going to share a few questions that you must ask yourself before even you seek an eCommerce website quote from any Indian development company.

#1 Do I need any advanced features on my website?

If you need any special feature on your eCommerce website, you should share it with your Indian web developer so that both the parties (you and your developer) are on the same page. 

It will help your shortlisted developer to prepare a relevant quotation for your eCommerce website development.

However, if you don’t need any advanced features on your eCommerce store, then you can simply as your Indian website builder to send you their standard eCommerce package.

What are the features that can be considered advanced?

  • Any API integration such as accounting, logistics, etc.
  • If your products need dynamic calculation based on the users’ input, it can be considered as advanced. For eg., if you want to build a website for your fabric store, you may need an advanced calculation system.
  • If you want to integrate a POS with your eCommerce store, it will be considered as an advanced feature as well.

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#2 Do I need a blog?

Blogging can help eCommerce website owners to get more sales & conversions organically from search engines. 

According to some online researches, it has been proved that those websites that have regular blog postings get more sales through search engines as compared to those that don’t.

A blog can help you to not only engage with your target audience through your content but also helps you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

So, if you also need a blog, do share it with your Indian website developer so that he can make a provision of a blog on your store and send you the quotation accordingly.

Although it doesn’t take too much effort or cost to build a blog on any website, but based on your website design, you may have to pay a bit additional to incorporate a blog with your eCommerce store.

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#3 Do I need a domain or website hosting?

A domain name is the unique address of your eCommerce store while the web hosting or the server is where all the files & folders of your website sit. Your emails are also created on your web server. Without a domain name and web hosting, you can’t run your website.

If you want your Indian eCommerce developer to arrange a domain and web hosting for your site, you must ask him to include them as well in your quotation.

How much does a web hosting or domain cost?

Well, the cost to secure a domain name can be as low as $20 per annum while a web hosting subscription may start at $75 per annum. This cost may vary according to your specific needs like server requirements, storage, SSL certification, etc.

There are many eCommerce development companies in India that can offer free web hosting services for the first year.

We at Innomax also provide free one-year web hosting to all our clients as a part of our eCommerce website design proposal.

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#4 Do I need a logo?

If you need a logo, do ask your web developer in India to mention it in their quotation. 

Although most of the companies would charge you additionally to design a logo some of the Indian website builders or companies can provide you the same as a part of their eCommerce quotation.

The cost to design a logo is not too high (you can easily get one in India for as low as $50) however finding a web development company that can provide you with a free logo design service within their website design package would be a great idea.

At Innomax, we include logo design services as a part of our eCommerce website quotation. 

This means when you hire us for your eCommerce website development, you can save your logo design cost.

#5 Do I need website maintenance?

Website maintenance is as essential as website development. If you have a website, you need to maintain it. Just like any other valuable commodity, you need to take care of your website to ensure its optimum performance.

Especially, in the case of eCommerce websites, website maintenance even becomes mandatory to ensure the smooth journey of your potential buyers on your eCommerce store.

If you don’t have any technical experience, then you definitely need the help of your Indian web developer to maintain the website for you. 

It is, therefore, important for you to ensure that your developer has already included the web maintenance as a part of your eCommerce website quotation.

What are some of the important elements of website maintenance that must be included in your quotation:

  • Regular backups of your website.
  • Regular upgrading of all the plugins, theme, and the core software version of your website.
  • Periodic security checks.
  • Fixing intermittent bugs & errors on the website.
  • Ensuring the optimal performance of your website in terms of browsers compatibility, loading speed, and mobile responsiveness.
  • Minor changes & content updating on the website.

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#6 Do I need assistance with product uploading?

As you know an eCommerce website may have hundreds or sometimes even thousands of products, it is essential to determine whether your budget allows you to hire a developer to upload the products or you could do it yourself. 

Most webmasters or website owners would take care of the products management on their sites themselves.

However, if you don’t have enough time or resources to upload the products at your end, you can ask your developer to include products uploading as a part of your eCommerce website proposal.

Of course, if you want the assistance of your Indian developer to upload the products on your website, you may have to pay some additional charges that your developer can mention in their quotation.

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