What's dropshipping?

In the dropshipping model, a store doesn’t keep anything in stock that it sells.

After a customer purchases a product, the merchant purchases the item from a third party and ships it directly to the customer.

So, if you want to sell products on your eCommerce website and you don’t have stock, there’s a way to get them to your customers without carrying them yourself. 

A retailer can “dropship” a product from a third party by purchasing it and shipping it to the customer when the customer purchases the item.

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Dropshipping website development is an ideal solution for brick-and-mortar retailers that cannot or don’t want to invest in inventory or logistics because it removes the need for warehouses, employees, and other associated expenses.

What are the benefits of a dropshipping website?

Here are some of the major benefits of a dropshipping website:

  • Dropshipping saves retailers from the huge upfront costs of stocking inventory.
  • It’s easy to get started with the dropshipping business. All you need is an eCommerce store.
  • Dropshipping keeps overhead costs low, meaning running your business is much cheaper than in the past.
  • When you run a dropshipping website, you get the liberty to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • It’s possible & cost-effective to expand your dropshipping eCommerce business because you just need to focus on the marketing and not on inventory management.
  • You can import/upload unlimited categories and products to your own online store without even investing in a single product.
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How much is the dropshipping website cost in India?

If you are looking to build a dropshipping website for your startup, you must hire Indian website developers.

You can easily build a dropshipping website in India at just $1200.

Are you wondering why you should hire Indian website builders?

Well, below are some of the major reasons for you to hire a website design agency in India or a website builder in India:

  • The website-making cost in India is low. Of course yes, we all know about this. Hiring a website developer in India can reduce your overall web development cost.
  • When you hire a web developer in India, you get excellent support & quality.
  • Most Indian website design companies have dedicated project managers who are good at communication.
  • Most Indian website design companies also offer SEO services which means you will get an SEO-friendly website too.
  • Indian web developers also provide long-term support & service warranty.

Now that you know why should you hire a web developer in India to create your dropshipping website, get in touch with an Indian developer or company now to get started!

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Essential features of a dropshipping website

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Before you hire a website builder in India, you must understand what are some of the essential features of a successful dropshipping website.

#1 Dropshipping module/plugin

A dropshipping module is as important as the development of your dropshipping site.

An ideal dropshipping module can help you:

  • To Import hundreds of products in one go.
  • Change the images, titles, price, and descriptions before you import the products to your store.
  • Input a multiplier by which all the prices on your dropshipping store will be increased.

#2 Live chat

As a dropshipping entrepreneur, turning visitors into repeat customers is key to your success.

A live chat can help you to provide a personal touch to your potential buyers. You can use a live chat tool to understand the requirements of your customers and offer them appropriate products in your dropshipping store.

#3 Social proof

Social proof is important for two reasons. One, it helps with conversions. People are more likely to buy from you if they see that other people have bought from you. Two, it helps with trust. People are more likely to trust you if they see that other people trust you, too.

#4 Product management

As a dropshipping store owner, you need a simple product management system that allows you to add and edit your products quickly and efficiently. 

#5 Comparison feature

The comparison feature is important for a dropshipping site because it helps the customer to compare the products and find the best one.

It also increases the conversion rate and decreases the cart abandonment rate.

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Can you create a dropshipping website using WordPress?

Of course, your website builder can use WordPress CMS to create an effective yet cost-effective dropshipping store. WooCommerce (a WordPress plugin) makes it easier for you to create a dropshipping website quickly and cost-effectively.

Additionally, there are a few great dropshipping plugins that are available for a WooCommerce store to help you import hundreds of products from different websites such as AliExpress.

Hire a WordPress agency in India to create your dropshipping site using WordPress.

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