restaurant website design in India

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restaurant website design in India

Here, we have shared some of the frequently asked questions (along with the answers) that our potential customers ask for their restaurant’s website development.

How much is the cost to create a restaurant website?

At Innomax, we charge $500 to create a basic restaurant website that doesn’t include any eCommerce or online payment features. In this package, we provide our customers with the below features:

  • A clean, modern, and simple design.
  • An interactive and easy-to-use interface.
  • A responsive website that provides an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device being used.
  • Web hosting & logo design
  • The sitemap such as Home, About, Contact, Blog, Menu, and Testimonials.
  • A blog section to allow website owners to post posts regularly.
  • Contact form
  • Menu section to display different items along with their rates.
  • CMS (content management system) to allow website owners to change the content of the website.

However, if you want to build a restaurant website that should have the ability for the customers to place their orders online, it may cost you more than $1000.

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How much time it will take to create my website?

Usually, a basic restaurant website takes 2 weeks to complete however in case of additional features such as online payments, etc., it may take more than a month to develop your site.

What are your payment terms?

At Innomax, we take a 50% down payment to get the work started and the remaining 50% upon the successful completion of the job.

What’s the process that you will follow to create the website for my restaurant?

When we get started on your restaurant website design, we follow below process:

  • Step 1: The client receives a mockup of the website design. Based on the client’s feedback, we make necessary changes to the design.
  • Step 2: After getting the approval from our client, we then start the web development process that may include setting up the CMS, customization of the theme, installation of necessary plugins, and so on.
  • Step 3: During the development process, we also upload the required content to the website.
  • Step 4: We deploy the website to one of our test servers for our client to check & feedback.
  • Step 5: After making the required changes according to the client’s feedback, we then move the website to the client’s live server and publish the website.

Which platform will you use to build my restaurant’s website?

Although we use WordPress to create basic restaurant websites, we can also work on core PHP or PHP frameworks. On our clients’ requests, we can also use a CMS such as OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, etc.

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What are the basic features that you will add to my website?

For a basic restaurant website design, we provide the below features:

  • Responsive website design
  • CMS
  • Web hosting & logo design
  • Webpages like About, Menu, Contact, Blog, etc.
  • SEO-friendly codes
  • Animated header on the homepage
  • Contact form
  • Live chat
  • Online reservation

For a restaurant website with eCommerce features, we provide the below features:

  • Responsive website design
  • CMS
  • Web hosting & logo design
  • Webpages like About, Menu, Contact, Blog, etc.
  • SEO-friendly codes
  • Animated header on the homepage
  • Contact form
  • Live chat
  • Online reservation
  • Online ordering

What will be the handover process?

After the website completion, we always hand over the website to our client. The handover of the website includes:

  • Source codes of the website
  • Instruction manual to operate the website
  • Any necessary credentials (username & password)
  • Design source files
  • Any license or key, if applicable.

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Will the website be manageable?

Yes, since we use WordPress CMS to build a restaurant website design, you will be able to manage the content of the website yourself without hiring any web developer. Below are some of the items that you will be able to manage on your restaurant’s website:

  • Changing the content on any of the web pages of your website.
  • Uploading the images to any webpage.
  • Adding new web pages.
  • Management of the links and menus.
  • Backing up the website.
  • Managing the products or menu, in the case of a WordPress website.

What will be the recurring charges to maintain my website?

Although the website development cost is one-time, you may have to pay some recurring charges every year to maintain your website.

These recurring charges may include:

  • Web hosting renewal
  • Domain name renewal
  • SSL certificate renewal
  • Plugins renewal

For the above items, you may have to pay between $200 and $500 per annum which can be considered the maintenance cost of your restaurant website.

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