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Are you looking for affordable website design services in India?

In this blog post, we will be sharing 5 ways to get an affordable website by web designers in India.

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#1 Choose WordPress

This (WordPress website development) is perhaps the most effective way to get a cheap website.

Ask your website designer to use WordPress for your website development.

By choosing WordPress, you can easily save more than 40% on your total web design cost.

Even if you need an e-commerce store, you can ask your web developer to build your website using WordPress. WordPress has several great plugins like WooCommerce that can help you to create your e-commerce website for as low as $1000.

Here are but few major reasons to choose WordPress:

  • WordPress is free to use.
  • WordPress is flexible & customizable
  • WordPress backend is easy-to-manage
  • WordPress is SEOfriendly
  • WordPress developers in India are available at an affordable price

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#2 Choose template design

If you are a new startup or small business, and looking for an affordable website, then you must go for a template design for your website development.

Choosing a template design can reduce your website design cost by almost 20%. There are many ready-made templates available that you can use for your website design.

And if you have used WordPress for your website development, there are hundreds of great-looking, mobile-optimized and SEO-friendly themes that you can use for your website.

Here are but few important reasons for you to choose template design:

  • Templates/Themes are available at lower cost (sometimes, free too).
  • Templates/Themes are mobile-optimized (most of them, if not all).
  • Templates/Themes can be changed or switched over in a few clicks.
  • Most of the templates/themes are tested for all the major browsers.

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#3 Choose affordable web hosting

Website hosting is an integral part of any website design. Therefore, it makes sense to choose is wisely & carefully.

Not all web hosting companies are good.

Unfortunately, if you fail to choose the right web hosting company for your website, you may end up losing money and time. Hence, we can say that a web hosting company can make or break your website. 

But at the same time, expensive web hosting doesn’t necessarily mean reliable. 

There are many affordable yet efficient & trustworthy web hosting companies that you can choose and save your web design cost, without compromising on the quality.

Here are some of those web hosting companies:

  • iPage 
  • 1&1 
  • inmotion Hosting

#4 Hire an affordable web designer

We all know that website design is not a one-time thing. It does require a long-term commitment from both sides (website owner and website designer).

Therefore, it does make sense for every website owner to hire a reliable yet affordable web designer who is always there to help.

Instead of investing all of your money on website development, you must save and spend it wisely along the way to improve & enhance your website.

This is only possible if you hire an affordable web designer to build your website. You can also consider hiring Indian website designers who can help you not only to create your website but also to maintain & improve it.

Most of the website design companies in India are specialized in all types of development platforms mainly:

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#5 Include SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should always be part of your website design package. A website without search engine rankings or traffic is worth nothing. 

If you’re really serious about your online business and looking to generate more revenue from your website, you must consider search engine optimization

Luckily, when you choose WordPress for your website development, SEO becomes easier for you.

There are several free and paid WordPress plugins that can be used with your website to increase the chances of securing higher search engine rankings. 

All you need to do is, request your website designer to make your website SEO-friendly by:

  • Installing SEO plugin
  • Integrating internal linking among your webpages
  • Optimizing the website for speed

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