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There are many reasons for you to hire a website developer in India such as:

  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Prompt communication 
  • Long-term association 
  • SEO knowledge
  • & more…
why Indian website developers to create an e-commerce website

But before you hire Indian developers, you may have several questions in your mind. 

In this blog post, we have shared some general questions that most people have while hiring an eCommerce developer in India.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Which platform do Indian developers use to create an eCommerce website?

Most Indian eCommerce developers use WooCommerce (a WordPress plugin) to create an online store. 

However, you can also find and hire a PHP developer in India who can work on PHP frameworks like Laravel, Code Ignitor, etc. to create a robust eCommerce website for your business.

Why do most eCommerce builders in India choose WooCommerce?

  • WooCommerce website development is quick & cost-effective.
  • There are many useful plugins available for a WooCommerce website.
  • WooCommerce makes the product management & order fulfillment process easier.
  • WooCommerce can support several major payment methods such as PayPal, WorldPay, and Stripe.
  • There are hundreds of attractive themes available for WooCommerce websites.
  • WooCommerce development takes less time and therefore it’s affordable for all website owners.

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#2 How much time does an eCommerce developer in India take to create an online store?

Usually, a basic eCommerce website can be completed in 3-4 weeks. But you must check with your Indian website builder before hiring him the timeframe he needs to complete your website.

If you are running short of time, you must hire only those developers in India who have a good record of completing their projects on time. 

How can you check this? 

Well, you can ask their existing clients and ask them about the services & turnaround time of your shortlisted web developer.

#3 What are the payment methods that most Indian web developers work with?

You won’t find any issue in hiring & paying your Indian website developer because most of them accept all major payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.

At Innomax, we accept payments through PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, and CryptoCurrency as well.

#4 How much do Indian eCommerce developers charge?

Now, this is a very important question, especially for startups. For every small business or startup, budget is the constraint. Therefore, they don’t want to spend too much on their website development.

When you hire a web developer in India, you will definitely get a better price than hiring a local developer if you are living in the countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

In India, you can easily get a fully functional and professional website for as low as $500 however if you are looking for an eCommerce store, you may end up paying around $1000.

If you are looking to hire an affordable WordPress agency in India, get in touch with us now!

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#5 Can eCommerce developers help you to upload the products to your online store?

Of course, your eCommerce developer in India can help you to upload the products to your online store but you need to make sure about it before you hire him.

In most cases, when you hire a web design agency in India, they do have a huge team that can assist you with not only website development but also upload your products so that you can launch your website easily. 

But if you are hiring an individual web developer, he may be able to just create your website and not upload the products on your website.

At Innomax, we help our clients not only build a professional online store but also to upload their products on their website.

#6 How do eCommerce developers ensure the security of an eCommerce website?

This is something you must pay special attention to.

Security is an important matter especially in the case of eCommerce websites.

Not all the eCommerce developers in India follow the required norms to make a website secure. 

Therefore, you must check with them about their arrangements to secure your website before you hire them.

At Innomax, we always ensure to secure our clients’ eCommerce website by following below norms/standards:

  • Upgrading all the required plugins & themes.
  • Changing the admin URL & username.
  • Making the password stronger and hard to guess.
  • Prohibiting file editing.
  • Changing the access permissions of crucial files.
  • Using SSL for data encryption.
  • Changing the database prefix.
  • Setting up lockdown feature.

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#7 Is there any way in which the eCommerce developers in India can build a low-cost website?

Yes, there are many ways in which your Indian developer can assist you to reduce your website development cost.

At Innomax, we provide affordable eCommerce web development services by:

  • Choosing WordPress to create an eCommerce store.
  • Going for a paid theme instead of a custom design.
  • Assisting our clients to subscribe to a low-cost web hosting company.
  • Using more free plugins and less paid ones.
  • Providing a manual to our clients so that they can manage their website themselves.

#8 Do Indian eCommerce developers take care of SEO?

One of the major benefits of hiring Indian website builders is that they are also trained in SEO. 

Since most of the web design companies in India offer both web development & SEO services, their developers are already trained for creating an SEO-friendly website.

So, when you engage a website builder in India, you can be assured of getting an SEO-friendly website.

#9 Can Indian developers help you to host your website?

Yes, most Indian developers & web development agencies have worked with several hosting companies across the globe. This means they can definitely suggest reliable yet affordable hosting companies for your eCommerce store.

At Innomax, we are resellers of several web hosting companies across the globe. 

So, we assist our clients to get a reliable yet affordable web hosting package for their eCommerce store. 

#10 Do Indian eCommerce developers provide service warranties?

You do get a service warranty when you hire Indian web developers. Most Indian developers offer a service warranty of 3 months but you must make sure to check with them before you proceed to hire.

At Innomax, we provide to all our clients a service warranty of 3 months. 

During this service warranty period, we help to fix all the issues and bugs that may arise after launching the eCommerce website.

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