Website Service Warranty By Indian Web Developers

What’s a service warranty?

A website service warranty is a type of guarantee given by your Indian website developer or web design agency that your website or web service will be accessible and work as intended for a specific period of time. 

If there are any problems, your website developer will be responsible for fixing them and making sure the site works during that time period.

Website Service Warranty By Indian Web Developers

Why service warranty is an important part of a website development proposal?

A web service warranty is important for a few reasons:

  • It gives the website owners an opportunity to identify some potential problems with a website and get them fixed by their web developers.
  • When you get a service warranty on your website, you don’t have to spend money on fixing the errors that may occur on your website after its launch.

Therefore, before you hire a website builder in India, do make sure that they provide a service warranty of at least 2 months. At Innomax, we provide all of our clients with a service warranty of 3 months.

You may be wondering what all items the service warranty may include and what are items that it doesn’t include.

In this blog post, we have shared a few important items that most Indian web development companies cover under their service warranty. We have also mentioned some of the items that are not included in the service warranty on your website.

Let’s dive in!

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What is included in the website’s service warranty?

#1 Broken links fixing

Fixing the broken links on your website is a part of the service warranty. This means if you find after your website launch any of the links doesn’t work or show a 404 “page not found” error, your web developer will assist you to fix them.

#2 Errors or warnings fixing

Sometimes even after your website is launched by your Indian developer, it may show some code errors or warnings which will be addressed by your Indian website builder under the service warranty.

#3 Assistance with any queries

If you wish to manage the website yourself or should you have any queries related to the website management or functionality, you may ask your developer about those questions. It’s also covered under the service warranty. However, a few Indian developers or web development companies like Innomax, never stop helping their clients with their doubts or queries even if they ask them after a few months or years.

#4 Functionality issues

If your website is not working according to the website proposal created by your website developer in India, it’s his responsibility to make sure that everything is working as per the agreed scope of work.

#5 Missing images or the CSS issues

This is a very common issue when a website is moved from a test environment to the production server. You may experience that some of the images on your website are missing or the design is not consistent on all the web pages. In this scenario too, your Indian website developer should help you under the service warranty.

What’s not included in the website’s service warranty?

Now that we know what are the items that are included in a website’s service warranty, let’s talk about a few things that are not and can’t be included in the service warranty.

#1 Redesign

This is quite obvious but however, webmasters or website owners still expect their web developers to redesign some of the areas of their websites, if not all, under the service warranty. Any kind of redesigning, be it partial or full, is never included in the service warranty. Therefore, your Indian web designer may not fulfil your redesign request under the service warranty.

#2 New features or changes

The addition of new features or changes in the existing functionality of the website is also never included in the website warranty. Any new changes or updates on your website that were not defined in the original scope of work are never included in the service warranty.

#3 3rd party issues

If your website is not working or showing errors because of some 3rd party services like web hosting, APIs, etc. those issues are also not covered under the service warranty.

#4 Website marketing

Again, this goes without saying, marketing is never and shouldn’t be part of a service warranty. Some website owners expect their web developers to make changes to their website to accommodate their SEO & advertising requirements. But for these additional services, your website builders may charge an extra amount from you.

#5 Website analysis

If you already have hired a marketing team for your website, you must ask them to take care of all the issues related to the website analysis. Or if you can learn it yourself, you may do it yourself. But you should not expect your website developer to do these activities as a part of their service warranty.

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