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The Indian developers can not only create your websites at an affordable price, but they can also help you maintain your website. Not sure how they can help you?

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In this blog post, we have shared a few important tasks that your web developer in India can do for your website’s health.

Let’s begin!


Software update

Your developer in India can regularly update the core software of your website to make sure that it’s always up-to-date and doesn’t have an obsolete version of CMS. This helps your website to perform better and remain secure.

Plugins & theme update

Other than the software update, your website builder in India can also keep upgrading all the plugins and themes of your WordPress website to their latest versions. For every WordPress website, it’s important to regularly update its core software, plugins, and theme.

SSL certificate

From both the user’s security & SEO point of view, SSL certificate plays a vital role. Every page of your website must be running on SSL. When you hire a web developer in India for your website maintenance, they will ensure that there is no URL or link on your website that doesn’t have https:// (SSL).


A firewall is yet another crucial thing to take care of for maintaining the health of a website. Your Indian developer can install the firewall on your website with the help of an effective WordPress plugin.

Permissions check

Every webmaster must ensure that there are proper limitations or restrictions for file access on the server. This little practice will keep hackers and spammers at bay.


Database optimization

Optimizing the database of a WordPress website periodically is very important for its overall performance. Although several WordPress plugins are available to do this job, sometimes you may need to do it manually. Here comes the assistance from a web developer.

404 Errors fixing

404 Errors (page not found) are the errors that your website may encounter when somebody is trying to access a page that’s no longer available on your website. 404 Errors can affect not only the user experience but also your search engine rankings. Hire an Indian web designer to make sure that there are no 404 errors on your website.

Code review

Another benefit of hiring a web developer to maintain your website’s health is the periodic review of your website codes. Diagnosing & troubleshooting the issues in website codes is an important activity that should be performed regularly to keep the website healthy.



Installing a cache feature is essential for enhancing the overall health of a website. Your Indian developer can use a plugin such as “WP Fastest Cache” to cache the pages of your website.


The responsiveness of a website is crucial to its success. The ability of a website to render appropriately on different devices according to their respective sizes is known as responsiveness.


The CDN (content delivery network) helps your website to load data quickly for the local users. CDN can help to reduce the bounce rate of your website and increase its user-friendliness.

Loading speed check

Checking websites for their loading speed is a crucial activity for which you need a web developer. The loading speed of your website will not only affect the user experience but also the search engine rankings.

Misc Tasks

Regular backups

It’s always recommended to take regular backups of your website just in case you need to restore your website. Most Indian developers will help you take regular website backups when you hire them to maintain your website.

Spam control

If you have a WordPress website and you have been receiving lots of spam emails in gibberish language, you know what we mean here. To stop getting these kinds of spam emails, there are a few steps that your developer can follow.

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