Website maintenance refers to the activities undertaken by your web developers to regularly check your website for mistakes and issues. It also entails the action taken for keeping the site up-to-date and relevant.

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It becomes even more important for you to maintain your website if you run an e-commerce store. This needs to be done consistently by your e-commerce developer to keep your site healthy, ensure continued growth in traffic, and strengthen your SEO rankings.

Just as your health can drop if you do not get regular health checkups, the same can happen to the health of your website. It is important to regularly monitor your website to keep your online business running smoothly.

Here, we give you 5 reasons to undertake regular website maintenance of your e-commerce store.

#1 Backup Helps To Restore

Having regular backups is perhaps the most important reason to maintain your e-commerce website. A backup helps the owners & web designers to combat website disruption.

You will absolutely need to have access to a backup if something bad were to happen to your website. For example, the corruption of some critical files on your web server could possibly damage your website and make it extremely hard to fix.

When you have a backup copy of the latest version of your website, your website designer could help you to restore it and make your website work again.

No matter how secure your website is, you still need to ensure its regular backup. By hiring a website designer for maintaining your website, you can set yourself free of this stress. 

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#2 Keeping The Website Secure

Regular scans of your website’s security logs to check for any suspicious activity along with staying up to date with the security patches are extremely important to keep your website secure. 

Especially, in the case of WordPress-based eCommerce websites, you need to ensure that all of the plugins & themes are regularly updated in order to keep your website secure. 

Users tend to be reluctant to buy from those e-commerce stores that are insecure. So, if you need more sales & customers on your website, you must ensure that your online store is protected from all possible security threats. 

Signing up for a web maintenance plan will help you to keep your website safe & secure. 

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#3 Boosting SEO Rankings

Search bots typically prefer sites that are well-maintained, fast, free from errors, and contain the latest trending keywords. They prefer to index fresh content and note the changes for the sake of rankings. 

Every time you update content on your website with useful & unique information, your website’s ranking will get boosted on search engines. Please note here that we are not talking about just content, instead we mean unique & useful content.

If you fail to maintain your website at regular intervals, it may hurt your SEO rankings and eventually your web traffic.

#4 Monitoring & Fixing Loading Speed

As your e-commerce website gets older and accumulates more data, it is bound to slow down. 

Your website designer can fix the loading speed of your website by:

  • Updating all the plugins of your website.
  • Updating the theme & core version of your CMS regularly.
  • Installing cache plugins on your website and monitoring its speed. 
  • Optimizing the images on your e-commerce store, for their size.

How slow loading speed could affect your e-commerce store?

Well, users are likely to abandon your website and go elsewhere if the pages take too long to load.

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#5 Checking Outdated Content Or Images

A website with outdated content & images looks stale. The users, when notice outdated content on any website, they lose their confidence in that website. 

Don’t let this happen to you. 

Make sure that all of your web pages have updated content and images. And this can be easily achieved when you hire a website developer to maintain your e-commerce store. 

Let your web development team work on your website to keep it updated, always!

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