E-commerce web design costs can really get out of hand, especially if you are trying to build everything from scratch.

There are industry-verified ways of keeping your e-commerce development cost down without compromising on quality.

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Here, we list down 6 ways that you are sure to find helpful in saving your e-commerce web development costs in 2019-2020.

Keep them in mind as you work with your team of e-commerce designers and web developers to deliver your e-commerce website.

#1 Use CMS

Having your web designers and e-commerce developers start development from scratch can be very expensive and completely unnecessary. 

There are scores of CMSs like WordPress that have proven to be very successful in the area of e-commerce and can give you a head start in your development process, thus saving you both time and money. 

Pick a CMS that suits your requirements closely as the basis of your e-commerce development.

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#2 Outsource Web Design

Outsourcing your website development means that you can pick good quality designers and developers on the basis of any skill set at a lower cost. 

This is possible because countries like India can offer you e-commerce development with savings of as much as 40%. 

Initial cost saving in such scenarios comes in the shape of the absence of in-house salaries, taxes, perks, benefits, etc.

So, if you need a website at a low cost, hire website designers in India.

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#3 Write Your Requirements

You are the best person to know your requirements. 

Document your requirements the best you can and share them with your team of website developers. 

If there is a misinterpretation of requirements or if they are not read through thoroughly, it will lead to haphazard design, improper development of functionality, and will be lacking of specificity. 

This will result in an increase in design and development costs.

#4 Communicate Well

Communication is absolutely crucial for successful e-commerce development. You should make sure that all parties are communicating clearly. 

Every constraint, every assumption, and every deliverable will add to your e-commerce web development costs

Clear communication will minimize guesswork while decreasing the potential for cost increase and eventual project failure.

#5 Test Thoroughly

You should strive to begin testing your e-commerce website and the user flow early in the development process. 

Bugs found during the later development phases result in a lot of redesigns and rework which leads to additional costs. 

In some cases, it may even lead to failure to release (in time).

#6 Keep It Simple

Begin with a small set of features that satisfy essential requirements and once you find them profitable and valuable, you can always add more in later releases. 

It will also ensure that you are not developing unnecessary features. This will keep your e-commerce website development costs down.

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