While most of you may have the impression that developing a website can be too expensive, let us tell you a secret here.

Firstly, you can hire a web designer in India who can help you to build your website at an affordable price.

And secondly, you can demand 6 things from your web developer that will help you to save a significant cost on your website development.

website design cost in india

In this blog post, we are going to share 6 things that you can demand from your website designer while he or she is preparing your web development quotation. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Ask For WordPress

Asking your web developer to use WordPress for the development of your website will make the figures in your website quotation relatively lower.

WordPress is a free open-source CMS that you can use for your website design. You don’t need to pay any recurring charges for using WordPress.

What’s more.

A WordPress website runs on several plugins. A plugin is a package of files that can be installed & activated to add new features to any WordPress website.

Fortunately, most of the WordPress plugins are available free of cost or at least on a Freemium basis (you can use limited features for free to try out first before you pay).

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#2 Ask For Low Cost Web Hosting

Web hosting plays an important role in website development. There are many reliable web hosting companies that offer affordable plans that start as low as $50 a month.

Some reliable companies like GoDaddy, iPage & InterServer can provide you with affordable web hosting plans for your website. 

Therefore, when you seek a website quotation from any website design company, do request them to include an affordable web hosting package in it. It will help to lower the cost of your website development

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#3 Ask For Training Manual

Website is not a one-time thing. It’s not something that you can develop and forget. You need to update the contents and images on your website, as and when required.

But, if you hire web designers each time you need some changes on your website, you may end up paying a substantial amount every year.

What’s the solution here?

You can learn how to take control of your website. All you need is, an operating manual from your web developer. You can refer to this manual whenever you need to make any changes to your website.

Not only maintenance, but you can also ask your web developer to exclude the content uploading charges from your web development quotation. 

Because when you will be given a manual to manage the content on your website, you don’t need to pay additional charges to your web developer for content migration or uploading.

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#4 Ask For Template Design

Asking your website developer for a template design vs a custom design would also bring down the website design cost.

A template can cost you as low as $50 whereas going with a custom website design can give you a dent of more than $200.

Here are some other benefits of using a template website design:

  • Most of the templates are mobile responsive
  • Most of the templates are tested for speed & browsercompatibility
  • Template integration takes a few hours only, which means it can reduce the time of your website development too.

#5 Ask For Slider Animation

If you love animations and wish to integrate one for your website too, ask your web developer to use image sliders, rather than flash.

An image slider on your website homepage can prove to be a show-stopper. But if you use flash to create your slider,

  • You will lose money because flash is expensive.
  • You may lose SEO rankings, as most search engines don’t index flash files.
  • Your website may load slowly as flash animated files are heavier in size, as compared to gif or jpg files.

#6 Ask For Basic Free Plugins

As already mentioned above, WordPress websites run on plugins. And most of these plugins are available free of cost. 

But you may need to request your website designer to use some of the basic yet free plugins for your website development.

Here are some of the basic plugins that are available free of cost to use:

  • Yoast SEO (to enhance the SEO score of your website)
  • W3 Total Cache (to optimize the loading speed of your website)
  • All-in-One WP Security (to protect your website from malicious codes & hacking)
  • Smart Slider (to show animated sliders)
  • Contact Form 7 (to integrate forms on your website)

When your website developer uses the above plugins for your website, you don’t need to pay for any subscription charges, and hence, the cost of your website development is significantly slashed.

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