Wouldn’t it be surprising if after reading this blog post, you will be able to save up to 50% on your eCommerce website development? Yes, but that’s true! If you are going to hire a web developer to create your online store, then wait and follow these tips to save your money.

#1 Choose WordPress

wordpress ecommerce web design india

WordPress is no more just a blogging platform. Most of us already know about this. But for those who don’t know, here is one of our blog posts where we explained why should you choose WordPress for your eCommerce website development.

Coming back to the cost of your eCommerce website, by choosing WordPress, you cut down your web development cost by half. How?

a. WordPress is a free open source to use.

b. WordPress has thousands of inexpensive themes (website designs).

c. WordPress has thousands of affordable plugins.

d. WordPress website developers are available at an unbelievably affordable price, especially from India.

#2 Go For A Template Design

wordpress web design template

Choosing a ready-made template for your first or next eCommerce website is not at all a bad idea, especially if you run a small business. And if you choose WordPress for your eCommerce web design, then it’s even better. There are plenty of great yet inexpensive (as low as $50) website templates available for WordPress websites that you can use for your online store.

#3 Choose a Budget Web Hosting Company

A web hosting company plays an important role in the establishment and success of any eCommerce business. Why? Because a great web hosting company takes away all of your hosting problems and lets you focus on your core business matters. If you, by any chance, choose a bad hosting company, you will end up resolving your server issues every other day and lose focus on the core objective of your business.

Not only this, but a website’s loading speed is also very crucial for the success of any online business (fast-loading websites grab more sales than those that take longer to load). Therefore, by choosing a perfect web hosting company, you also get the best servers with the latest technologies to serve your website users in a better way.

#4 Hire Indian Web Developers

Indian Web Developer

Indian web design companies are known to be money-savers for many small businesses around the world. Why?

a. Indian manpower is cheap

b. There are a lot of web design companies in India who are ready to work for you at affordable prices

c. Indian web developers are good at communication & support.

The above reasons are not sufficient enough for you to trust any Indian web design company blindly. So, you must choose the best web design company from India after considering a few criteria. You may like to read our blog post on ‘hiring best web developers from India‘.

#5 Become A Learner

Web Design India

Not, but not least, you must become a learner if you really want to save money on your eCommerce website development. Don’t ever rely 100% on any web development company because ultimately you are the only best person who knows your business better than anyone else.

Again, if you choose WordPress for your eCommerce web development, managing your website becomes easier and you don’t need any web developer to maintain your website. You can manage your website easily at your end.


If Harry paid $5000 for developing his eCommerce website or if Sarah spent $8000 to build her online store, it’s not necessary that you should also spend that much. You can easily save up to 50% on your eCommerce web development cost by simply following the above 5 rules.

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