If you have been planning to build your mobile application but not are sure which platform to choose, this blog post is for you.

Although if you ask any app developer about the best technology to build an application, most of them would recommend “native apps development”.

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It’s true that native apps produce a high-quality experience for the users but at the same time, the cost to develop a mobile application goes higher in the case of native app development. Although developing hybrid apps could be an inexpensive affair, the quality is not closer to that of native apps.

What’s the solution, then?

Well, the solution is “React Native”.

In this blog post, we will be sharing 6 reasons for every app developer to choose react native for developing mobile applications.

Let’s begin.

#1 Cross-Platform Compatible

The first and foremost reason for you to choose React Native is that it’s compatible with both of the major platforms Android & iOS.

This simply means that your app developer is not required to work on two separate codebases in order to build or make changes to your application. A single code base is enough to develop your application for both iOS & Android.

Another benefit that you get by choosing React Native is that you save money on your mobile application development.

Since your app developer needs to build and update a single code base, the time effort is reduced considerably as compared to native app development. As a result, the cost to develop your mobile apps is reduced as well.

#2 Instant Live Updates

Unlike in the case of native apps, your users can see the live updates almost instantly in their existing app only.

Since React Native uses extensive JavaScript, all of the new changes & updates are reflected in the application instantly, without any need for the users to restart or re-install the app.

#3 Backed By Facebook

If you are concerned about the reliability & sustainability of React Native, then put your worries aside as React Native is backed by a strong community of Facebook developers.

React native is here to stay because it is backed by the Facebook team, which means that it will continue to be updated and improved. Additionally, the React native community is large and active, which means that there are always people working on new features and bug fixes.

#4 Easy To Learn

If you are a web developer or app developer who doesn’t have any experience in developing mobile apps using React Native, then here is good news for you. 

Learning React Native is quite easier as compared to that real native app development. 

For business owners, this also means that there is an abundance of app developers working on React Native who can help you to build your mobile apps at an affordable price.

#5 Positive Developers Experience

If you happen to be an app developer, then you will surely love to work on React Native. 

Using React Native for the development of a mobile app takes away the tedious job of re-developing & deploying multiple times for a single update. 

All that you need to do is just update JavaScript and it will be updated instantly in real-time.

#6 Native Approach

Despite being inexpensive, hybrid app users always found it difficult to use the native features of their devices. 

But in the case of React Native, that’s not the case. Along with its cost-effectiveness, React Native also has the ability to access native features of your users’ devices. 

It means that your users get a rich experience while using your mobile apps.

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