If you are looking for Indian web designers to create your corporate website or e-commerce store, this blog post is for you. 

Here, we will share 4 major reasons why you must not hire just web designers for your website but must search for & hire web designers who could work with you in long run. 

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Yes, if you really want to be successful in your online business, you do need a long-term web designer from India.

In long term, we don’t mean that you must hire a full-time web designer or developer, instead, you must look out for a web designer who can provide you with ongoing support & maintenance services.

Website development is not a one-time thing that you can just get & forget. 

You do need to improve, enhance & expand your website over time. But in order to achieve this goal, you need a web designer who is always available for you.

Here are but 4 major reasons for hiring long-term designers from India:

#1 Website Maintenance

As we have mentioned above already that website designing & development is an ongoing process, and you do need web designers who could provide you with website maintenance services too.

Even if you get a designer who is offering you a super cheap price to create your website but does not provide any service warranty, support, or maintenance, you better refrain from hiring this designer. 

If you need a website, you do need to maintain it too. A website without maintenance is just like a car without regular servicing. In other words, if you don’t hire a web developer or designer to maintain your website, it may start giving you problems down the road.

So, the number 1 reason to hire Indian web designers who can work with you in long run is your website maintenance.

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#2 Website Fixing

You may have tested your website to your complete satisfaction before launching it, but it might be a case where you may experience some issues or bugs on your website, even after the launch.

Most of our clients complain that their previous web designers didn’t respond to their requests after taking the balance payment & launching the website. Which is very sad to hear.

Therefore, again we would suggest here that you must not shortlist a web design agency in India just on the basis of their quoted price, but you must also talk to their existing customers about their ongoing support & turnaround time. 

This is the reason we always say you don’t just need a web designer, instead you need a long-term web partner for the success of your online business. 

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#3 Website Enhancements

Based on your customer’s feedback, you may need to make necessary modifications to your website. 

Perhaps, you may introduce new services & products that require you to make significant changes to your website.

Unfortunately, in most cases, web designers are no more available for their clients when they want to enhance their websites.

As a result, those website owners have to start searching for other web designers who could help them with their website enhancements. This process may end up costing more money and time for the website owners.

So here’s another reason for you to hire a long-term web designer from India who could help you to enhance your website from time to time.

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#4 Website Marketing

A web designer in India can help you not only to build your website but can also contribute toward its marketing as well.

Here are few a ways in which a web designer can help you to market:

  • SEO Integration: By complying with basic yet crucial SEO norms with your website like meta tags optimization, image optimization, loading speed optimization, internal linking, robots.txt file creation, and XML sitemap creation, a web designer can contribute toward the SEO of your website.
  • Web Analytics Integration: A web designer can also help to integrate web analytic tools like Google Analytics through which you can track & measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and make necessary marketing strategies.
  • Social Integration: A web designer can integrate your website with your business pages on social networking websites like Facebook & Twitter, which in turn can help your website to get more traffic from social media & rank in noticeable positions of search engines too.

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