Website redesign is an integral part of your business. If you have a website, sooner or later you may need to redesign it as well.

You may be required to redesign your website if your website:

  • Loads too slow
  • Has a lot of errors and performance-related issues.
  • Has an outdated design. 
  • Is infected with malicious codes & viruses. 

If you also want to redesign your existing website, you can find a lot of options to hire a website developer to revamp your site. 

Additionally, you can also consider Indian website builders to redesign your website at an affordable cost. 

But sometimes, it may become challenging for you to hire a reliable & professional website developer because you don’t know about the quality of their work and support before you engage them. 

5 Skills that your Indian web developer must have to redesign your website

In this blog post, we have shared 5 essential skills for you to check in your website builder before you award your web redesign project to them. 

#1 Helping attitude

This is perhaps the most important quality that your website developer should have. 

Your developer should be willing to help you in creating your website & growing your business too, rather than just taking a short-term project. 

Not only during the process of website development, but you may also need the assistance of your website builder after your website has been redesigned & launched. 

If your developer is not able or willing to provide you required assistance, you may end up getting a website that has a lot of flaws and is unable to convert your visitors into paying customers.

At Innomax, we always take initiative to help our customers. 

Even if our clients contact us for any troubleshooting tasks after one year, we try to help them as much as we can, without even charging them any additional costs. 

#2 Support

Support is yet another essential skill that you need to check in your website developer. 

Before hiring a web developer, you must confirm with him about their support arrangements. 

If your website builder doesn’t provide any kind of support or service warranty, you may have to either pay him an additional amount of money or lookout for some other developer to resolve the issues that you may experience after your website is launched.  

In other words, if your developer doesn’t provide you with free support, you may end up paying more than the agreed web development cost. 

At Innomax, we always provide our clients with a free service warranty/support for 3 months after the website is launched. 

So during these 3 months, if our clients face any kind of errors or bugs on their websites, we help them to resolve all the issues without charging any additional costs. 

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#3 CMS Skills

More than 70% of worldwide websites have been developed using CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. If you are also among the majority, chances are that your website has been created using a CMS too, especially WordPress.

Therefore, when you look out for a website builder to redesign your site, you must make sure that your shortlisted web developer should have the required CMS skills.

Additionally, it’s important to hire a developer with the same CMS skills as used by your previous developer.

So, if your previous developer had used WordPress to create your website, you should hire a WordPress developer only. The same is the case with Drupal.

Your WordPress developer should have at least below mentioned skills:

  • WordPress theme customization
  • WordPress plugin customization
  • WordPress errors & bugs troubleshooting
  • WordPress security compliance

Hiring a WordPress developer to redesign your Drupal website would be a bad idea unless your developer has working experience in both CMS platforms.

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#4 Web Design Skills

If you are wondering why should your web developer know the designing skills, here is the explanation for you.

While creating or redesigning a website, your developer may face a lot of design-related challenges such as image resizing, text padding & margins, etc.

Therefore, your website builder should have the required designing skills to handle all such tasks without the help of a designer. It also helps to save the time of your web developer that he may have spent in coordinating with the designer back and forth.

Now the question is “Which design skills are important to have for your website developer?“.

Before you hire a website builder, you must ensure that he knows:

  • HTML & CSS codes.
  • Fixing a website for compatibility with all kinds of browsers & mobile devices.
  • Photoshop skills.
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#5 SEO Skills

One of the primary objectives to build or redesigning any website is to get relevant traffic from search engines. It is, therefore, important for your developer to have the necessary SEO skills to redesign your website.

Before hiring a website developer to revamp your website, you must understand his plans to port over the SEO works from the existing website to the new one.

In many cases, web developers just focus on their own work and never pay attention to the SEO of the website. As a result, the website tends to lose its SEO rankings after the redesign.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Especially if your website is already ranking on search engines and you need to redesign your website, you must hire only experienced web developers who know how to migrate the SEO works such as meta tags, alt tags, interlinking, content, etc. from your existing website to the new one.

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