Do you want to build your first business website but are not sure how to go about it?

Don’t worry. 

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In this blog post, you will learn about 5 things that you must consider while developing your first business website. 

#1 Have a clear goal

Having a clear goal for your website development will not only make it easier for you to manifest your website, but it will also help your website developer to build it right, the first time. 

You must think about the objective of creating your website in the very first place. 

What could be the goal(s) of creating a website?

Well, you may be building your website for:

  • Just being online
  • Getting leads 
  • Selling your products
  • Getting subscriptions
  • Building a brand

Whatever the objective, define it before you start on your website development. 

#2 Hire an affordable web developer

You need a website developer not only to build your website for the first time but also to maintain it in long run. Therefore, hiring an affordable developer is essential in order to save your money down the road.

You may also consider hiring Indian web developers who can build a new website for you at an affordable price & can also help you to upgrade it regularly, without making a hole in your pocket. 

Here are 3 ways in which website builders in India can help you to create a website at an affordable cost:

  • Use WordPress to create your website.
  • Using pocket-friendly web hosting.
  • Use themes/templates to design your website.  

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#3 Choose easy-to-use CMS

The selection of an appropriate CMS (content management system) is very crucial for your website development.

With the help of a CMS, you can change the contents and images on your website yourself, without hiring any website designer.

Therefore, you must always ensure that your web developer has installed a user-friendly CMS on your website.

One of the most popular & easy-to-use CMS is WordPress. Here are a few reasons for you to choose WordPress for your website development:

  • WordPress is free to use & customize.
  • WordPress developers are available at affordable charges. 
  • WordPress websites are SEO-friendly.
  • WordPress blogs are loved by search engines. 
  • WordPress is easy-to-use
  • WordPress CMS is scale-able & flexible. 

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#4 Take care of SEO

One of the most important reasons to build any website is to get business out of it. And in order to get business from any website, it must be ranked in the noticeable positions of search engines. 

Therefore, you must take care of your website’s SEO right from the beginning. 

Here are a few things that you must do while developing & after developing your website. 

  • Ensure that your web developer has chosen a responsive website theme. 
  • Ensure that the loading speed of your website is not more than 3-4 seconds. 
  • Ensure that each webpage on your website has important tags like meta tags, header tags, alt tags, etc. 
  • Test your website for broken links.
  • Write SEO-friendly content for each page of your website. 
  • Interlink the web pages through the targeted keywords. 

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#5 Take care of the security

Most newbie webmasters don’t pay attention to the security of their websites. As a consequence, they would experience several issues like malware injections, virus infections, website hacking, etc. 

Don’t let this happen to you.

Whether it’s your first website or you are redesigning your existing site, security must be on the top list of your priority. 

Below are some of the important things that you or your website developer can do in order to secure your website:

  • Changing the FTP & control panel credentials of your server regularly.
  • Ensuring that your website’s admin username & password is secured. 
  • Updating the theme & plugins of your website regularly.
  • Using only reliable plugins & themes. 
  • Maintaining your website on a regular basis so that there are no chances of a security breach on it. 

Again, if you don’t have time, you can hire a professional web developer in India to maintain & update your website regularly.

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