Undoubtedly, hiring Indian website builders can save you money not only for your website development but for its maintenance too.

But as all the good things come with some challenges too, the same applies to website development in India.

ecommerce website development in India

Many of you may have burnt your fingers with offshore website developers. But if you follow a few tips while outsourcing your web design project, your experience could get better working with your website builders.

In this blog post, we’ve shared 5 such tips that you should follow to outsource your website development and get it completed successfully, on time.

#1 Arrange a common time to talk

Communication plays an important role in the development of any website. Since your timezone could be different from your developer’s timezone, communication may become a huge issue for you.

Therefore, it should be your first priority to form an agreement (formal or informal) with your Indian website builder to talk & discuss the project at a mutually agreed time.

Before you award your website design project to any Indian website builder, you must make sure that he or she communicates with you on a mutually agreed time.

#2 Be precise while sending feedback

Feedback is an integral part of any successful website development. Without an effective feedback system, your website development may take a longer time to finish and may have higher chances of repeated bugs & issues. 

Here are some of the effective ways to provide feedback to your Indian website developer:

  • Be clear & concise. 
  • Provide references & examples.
  • Provide screenshots, if possible. 
  • Maintain a feedback log.

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#3 Ensure to take control

This is perhaps the most important advice for you. When you work with offshore web developers, you need to ensure that you always take full control of your website

Having more than 10 years of experience in web development, we can strongly suggest you get below credentials from your developer:

  • Control panel username & password.
  • Admin username & password. 
  • Any FTP or database access along with their username & password. 

When you have all of the above details, you are free to switch over to any other web developer, in case you are not happy with your existing developer.  On the other hand, if you fail to secure these details, you will always have to rely on one developer, whether you are happy with him or not. 

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#4 Ask relevant questions

Before you hire any website builder in India, you must ensure to make a checklist of the below questions and ask your shortlisted developer:

Q1. How much experience do you have in WordPress?

Q2. Will you use a readymade theme or custom website design?

Q3. Do you have experience in WordPress plugins customization?

Q4. Can you show me some of your past works?

Q5. Can you provide the contact details of your recent customers?

Q6. Would will you do about the website security?

Q7. How I will be able to take over my website after you develop it?

Q8. What about the ownership of the website?

Q9. What’s the warranty?

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#5 Settle on convenient payment terms

It’s true that most of the Indian website builders and web development companies charge 50% down payment and 50% balance upon completion, but you don’t need to follow this payment term if you don’t trust them or work with them for the first time. 

For example, we at Innomax Solutions, always try to meet our clients’ expectations for payment terms and agree to split payment terms in 3 or sometimes 4 parts, depending upon the size & cost of the project.

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