If you want more conversions & sales online, you need to make sure that your website is able to engage your users.

Although the job of a website builder is just to create a website, a professional web developer would always know the importance of a user-engaging website and therefore he will always deliver a website that’s loved by the target audience. 

No matter how good your website looks and how much traffic you get on your website, if your website is unable to engage your users, it won’t help your business. 

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But the question is “What are the qualities of a user-engaging website?” or “How can a website builder create an engaging website?“.

In this blog post, we have shared 5 ways in which your website builder can create a user-friendly website or convert your existing site into an engaging website. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Loading speed optimization

The time that your website takes to load on your users’ browsers determines the user engagement of your website. 

Slow-loading websites usually deliver a poor user experience however websites that load quickly tend to engage the users. 

Having said above, optimizing the loading speed of your website could be one of the most important things that your website developer could do in order to enhance the user engagement rate on your site. 

There are many ways in which your website builder can enhance the loading speed of your website such as:

  • Installing a cache plugin on your site. 
  • Minifying the scripts such as JS & CSS
  • Optimizing the images so that they don’t take time to load. 
  • Changing your web host if required. 

Various online studies have shown that even a minor difference of 3-4 seconds can also make a big difference in the conversions & sales of an e-commerce website. 

So, if your website’s loading speed sucks for your users, don’t wait anymore and hire a professional web developer to fix this issue immediately. 

If you are on a budget, you can also consider hiring a website builder in India who can optimize the loading speed of your website at an affordable cost. 

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#2 Mobile responsiveness

The responsiveness (mobile-friendliness) of a website is very important for enhancing its user engagement rate. 

Did you know that more than 50% of internet traffic comes from handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets? Given this fact, it is even more important than ever to ensure the responsiveness of your website. 

A mobile-friendly (responsive) website will help you to:

  • Get higher user engagement
  • Get a lower bounce rate
  • Get more conversions & sales
  • Get higher SEO rankings

You definitely can’t afford to miss out on the above-mentioned benefits, isn’t it?

Therefore, you must ensure that your website builder creates a responsive website for you. 

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#3 Internal link structure

Another tested & proven method to enhance user engagement on any website is interlinking its webpages. 

Internal linking can help you not only to increase the user retention rate, but it will also help the search engine crawlers to travel across your web pages easily. 

So, here are the benefits of having an optimized internal linking structure:

  • Higher user engagement
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Better SEO indexing and search engine rankings. 

How can your website builder help you to achieve an optimized and effective linking structure?

  • By linking the keywords or phrases automatically to their respective web pages. 
  • Ensuring that a specific keyword is not linked more than once on a single webpage otherwise your website may look like a link farm or a spam website. 
  • Ensure that all the links have alt attributes for a better SEO score. 

#4 Search bar

Having a robust search feature is essential for a website that has tons of information or hundreds of products (e-commerce store).

Your website visitors may not want to put time on your website to find out their desired information or product(s). Therefore, when they see a search bar on your website, they can enter their search query or keywords and view the web pages they are looking for.

Here are some tips that your website developer can follow to implement a search bar on your website:

  • The search bar must be located at a prominent location on the webpage.
  • The search bar must be integrated with all the pages of your website.
  • The search bar can have auto-suggestions for the users to enhance their search experience.
  • The search bar can be integrated with an analytic system to let you know what the majority of your target audience is looking out for.
  • The mobile version of your website must also have the search bar at a prominent location on the screen.

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#5 Live chat

Integrating a live chat feature with your website is another great yet affordable way to engage your visitors with your business. 

While browsing your website, your visitors may have some queries about your products or services. With the help of a live chat option, they can easily get in touch with you and resolve their queries. 

Alternatively, you can also put your customer care staff to initiate a chat with your website visitors. 

In short, you can easily engage your website users with the help of a live chat option. 

Below are some additional advantages of using a live chat feature:

  • A live chat option helps you to get more conversions & sales because of the quick response time between you and your potential customers.
  • You can also use your live chat feature as a customer care tool. If you have ever dealt with web hosting companies, you probably know what we mean here. 
  • A live chat can help you to generate leads. 
  • You can directly communicate with your customers using a chat feature and understand their requirements in a better way. 

Surprisingly, your website developer can help you to integrate a live chat feature at an affordable price. Additionally, integrating a live chat feature can be done as quickly as a few minutes or hours. 

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