Are you looking to outsource your WordPress website development to India?

Do you want to hire an affordable Indian WordPress developer or web design company in India to build your website?

If yes, here are 6 important questions that you must ask your web developer or web design company.

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#1 How Much Experience You Have In WordPress

Although it’s true that creating a website using WordPress is not a big deal for any web developer but at the same time, it’s crucial to follow a few standards or norms failing which a website can result in security breaches and in most cases, can result in low performance too.

Therefore, you must check if your Indian WordPress developer has relevant experience, especially if he or she should have sufficient experience in creating complex websites using WordPress.

You may like to consider hiring a web developer with an experience of at least 3-4 years. On top of it, you must also check their past works that required specialized WordPress skills to develop those websites.

#2 Do You Use WordPress Themes Or Custom Web Design

If we tell you that you can also create a website in a few hours using WordPress pre-defined themes & plugins, it won’t be wrong. You may also think about why you would need a web developer in this case and why should you pay him or her to build your website when you can do it yourself.

Creating a theme website using WordPress CMS requires no special skills. But if you need a website with custom web design, you must hire a WordPress developer who could customize the design as per your requirements.

#3 Do You’ve Expertise In WordPress Plugins Customizations

Again, the WordPress repository has thousands of useful plugins that you can download and use for your website development. But not all of them may match your exact requirements.

Here’s why you need to hire a WordPress developer who can customize any WordPress plugin accordingly to your specifications.

But before you outsource your website to any Indian WordPress developer, you must ensure that he or she has got experience in plugin customization.

#4 Do You Take Care Of WordPress Website Security

WordPress, being one of the most popular open-source CMS available on the planet today, is a favorite among not only web developers & webmasters, but hackers too.

It even becomes critical to ensure the security in case of e-commerce website development using WordPress. Because e-commerce websites involve online payments and storage of users’ confidential information.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance to take care of the security during WordPress website development, failing which can lead to serious consequences such as viruses or malicious code injections and hacking too.

#5 Do You Know WordPress Websites Speed Optimization

The loading speed of a website is as important as its existence in the first place. It helps a website deliver a great experience to its intended users and at the same time, win the trust of search engines.

So yes, we can say that a slow-loading website will always be a victim of lower search engine rankings.

As we already mentioned here that a WordPress website is built using several plugins that help to incorporate desired features, using too many plugins can also affect the performance of a website.

Professional web developers will always make sure to optimize any WordPress website for its loading speed. This can be done by following certain standards that only experienced developers know.

Ask your shortlisted WordPress developer about the standards that he will follow to ensure that your website always loads quickly.

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#6 Do You Maintain WordPress Websites

Website Development is not a one-time event. It’s rather an ongoing process.

Today you may launch your website with basic features but gradually you may be required to enhance it with advanced functionalities. You always need a reliable web developer to support you and accommodate your requirements.

Therefore, you must ask your shortlisted WordPress developer in India whether he or she can provide you with long-term support.

Unfortunately, most web developers think about short-term cooperation with their clients and never help their clients when they need them.

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure to check the reviews of your shortlisted web developer from their existing clients and confirm their work quality & prompt support.

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