We all know that hiring website designers in India can save e-commerce website development costs tremendously. 

But did you know that Indian website designers can also help you to make your website successful in many ways? Yes, that’s true.

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Here, we have shared 6 ways in which a web designer in India can help you to make your online store successful. 

Let’s start.

#1 Video Demonstration

Videos or visual presentations have become one of the best mediums to convey messages to audiences so that they can remember them for a long time.

The same is true for e-commerce websites too. When you use a video demonstration with each product on your website, users tend to buy quickly as they can make their decisions faster after watching the video.

Here are some of the major reasons for using video demonstration on your e-commerce website:

  • Get more user engagement.
  • Get more sales.
  • Less bounce rate.
  • Effective video marketing.
  • Product demonstration made easy.

So, when you hire a website designer in India, do ask him to incorporate the video feature on every product page and allow you to upload the video or input the link from YouTube or any other platform. 


You will see a drastic increase in your e-commerce sales. 

#2 Responsive Web Design

Did you know?

More than 40% of online buyers use their hand-held devices such as mobiles & tablets to search for and buy their desired products.

By hiring an Indian website designer, you not only save your e-commerce web design cost, but you also get a responsive website design that helps you to get more sales from customers who use mobile phones.

Major benefits of using the responsive website design for e-commerce stores:

  • Wide coverage of mobile users.
  • Enhanced SEO.
  • Fast loading speed.

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#3 Social Media Integration

Everybody is on social media. Everybody uses it & loves it. So is your customer.

Having said that, it’s no more a fancy thing to integrate your e-commerce website with social media platforms.

How can a website design in India help you to integrate social media:

  • Providing sharing icons with each product.
  • Providing sharing options with their wish list.
  • Providing links to social media platforms.  

As a result, your website will attract more traffic & sales through social media platforms. 

#4 SEO

One of the major benefits of hiring a website designer in India is SEO. Yes, most of the website design companies in India also provide search engine optimization services. Therefore, their web designers & developers are well-equipped with SEO skills.

The objective to create an e-commerce website is to get lots of visitors & sales from it. And we all know that SEO is one of the best mediums to get targeted traffic/visitors on any website. 

A website designer can help you to build an SEO-friendly e-commerce website that can be easily ranked on search engines. When your website is ranked on search engines for the relevant keywords, you get more traffic & sales.


#5 Website Testing

Testing an e-commerce website is as important as its existence. 

A website full of bugs & errors will result in not only non-functioning pages, but can also hurt the reputation of your brand. 

Therefore, before you launch your e-commerce store, you must ensure that it is fully checked from the users’ perspective. 

Fortunately, when you hire a website designer in India, you can also get the added advantage of hiring a tester or QA person at the same cost. This is because most of the website design companies or website design teams in India do have testers on onboard.

#6 Web Maintenance

Website design is not a one-time thing. It does require regular improvements, enhancements & modifications. Therefore, you do need a website designer who can work with you along the way and make your e-commerce business successful. 

An Indian website designer can help you not only build your online store but to maintain it as well. 

Moreover, when you save your website development cost by hiring Indian website designers, you can spend some of your investment on your website maintenance too. 

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