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Before you hire a website design agency in India, here is the list of questions that you must ask them.

#1 How long have you been in business?

It’s very important to know the history of your shortlisted web design company in India before you award your project to them. 

Hiring an experienced website design company should always be preferred over choosing an inexperienced agency.  

Even if you are getting the cheapest price from an inexperienced company, you shouldn’t go ahead with them.

#2 How many website developers and designers do you have onboard?

How many team members does your shortlisted website design company have?

It’s important to know about their website designers and developers who will be taking care of your project.

#3 What are the strengths of your company?

It’s equally important to know about the strengths of your Indian website design company

Are they good in website development, software development, graphic designing, or mobile application development? Whatever the case, you must know about it.

#4 What kind of projects do you work on?

Some website design companies in India work on only static or simple websites while others work on complicated web portals. 

There are also some companies that work on bespoke solutions such as CRM development, ERP development, etc.

According to your own project requirements, you must hire an appropriate website design company.

For example, if you need an eCommerce website, you must make sure that your shortlisted website development company in India does have experience in the development of eCommerce websites.

#5 What kind of developers do you have?

There are different kinds of website developers in India

Below are some of the developers that you may find working in a website design agency:

What kind of website developer do you need?

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#6 Do you have any web design package?

You can ask your web development company if they have any pre-defined website design package to offer. 

If not, you can share your specific requirements with them and request a website design proposal.

At Innomax, we work on bespoke web design solutions and we also offer a pre-defined web design plan to our clients. 

#7 Do you also offer web hosting?

If you want your website builder or website design company to arrange web hosting & domain name for you, make sure that they have experience in handling such things. 

If they provide web hosting services, it would be good to ask them whether they have their own servers or they are an affiliate or resellers of some other hosting companies.

#8 How much do you charge per hour?

Even if your website design company in India provides you with a pre-defined/fixed cost package, still you must ask them about their hourly charges.

In the future, if you want to incorporate some additional features into your website, their development charges should not break your bank balance.

#9 How soon can you start my web design?

If you want to get started on your website development immediately, make sure to ask them how soon they can start your work.

If they can’t start your work immediately, you may like to consider another website design company or website developer.

#10 How much time do you need to make my website?

There is no specified or regulated timeframe to complete a website. 

For example, an experienced website builder in India may finish your eCommerce website in just a few weeks, while a newbie developer may take months to do the same job.

Before you hire any website builder in India, make sure to clarify the required web development timeframe with them so that there is no chance of conflicts or disputes.

#11 Are there any hidden charges?

Some developers would not tell you about the recurring charges that you must know. For example, the charges that you may need to pay every year for using a plugin, theme, or any 3rd-party service.

Make sure to ask them if there would be any hidden charges other than the basic website development cost.

#12 Do you provide a service guarantee?

Most Indian website design companies offer a service guarantee to their customers but there are also still some developers or companies who don’t offer such guarantees. Don’t fall into their trap. 

Make sure to ask them about their service guarantee and if possible specify it in the proposal or the contract as well.

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