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Are you hiring a WordPress developer in India to create a professional website at an affordable cost? Here is all you need to know.

Who is a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer is someone who builds websites using the WordPress content management system. This can be a freelancer or a team of people at a company, and they’re responsible for everything from setting up the initial WordPress site to adding new features, making design changes, and fixing bugs.

A WordPress developer can also build themes and plugins that extend the functionality of the platform.

Why do you need a WordPress developer?

When you want to build a professional website using WordPress CMS, you will need to hire a WordPress developer. However, if you are a developer yourself or know some of the basic coding skills in CSS, HTML, etc., you can also create a website using WordPress website without hiring a professional developer.

wordpress website development in India

When do you need to hire a WordPress developer?

You may need a WordPress developer to:

  • Create a new website using WordPress CMS.
  • Redesign your existing WordPress website.
  • Fix the issues & bugs on your WordPress website.
  • Extend the current functionality of your WordPress website.
  • Maintain and manage your WordPress website.

Why should you hire a WordPress developer in India?

When you want to build a low-cost website, you can hire a WordPress developer in India. There are many WordPress developers and WordPress development companies in India who can design or redesign a WordPress website for you at an affordable cost.

You may be asking “Should I hire a WordPress developer in India?” or “Why should I hire an Indian WordPress developer?”.

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Well, below are some of the major benefits of hiring a WordPress developer in India:

  • Affordability: Indian WordPress is well-known for its affordable website packages. When you want to save on your website design cost, you must hire a WordPress developer in India.
  • Communication: Most Indian developers are good at communication as compared to affordable manpower from other southeast countries.
  • Availability: In India, you will find many WordPress development companies and developers who work according to their clients’ local timezone.
  • Multi-skills: The best part of hiring Indian WordPress developers is that most of them are multi-skilled. For example, when you hire a WordPress developer in India, he may also help you with core PHP codes or CSS.
  • Experience: Being affordable, the WordPress developers in India usually get lots of projects to work on. Additionally, they have been working on WordPress development for more than 2 decades. So, when you hire Indian WordPress developers, you get the best quality work at the lowest possible cost.
  • Support: Just like the affordability, Indian WordPress developers are also known for their excellent support. No matter if it’s a day or night, weekday or a weekend, they can always go the extra mile to help their clients.

Tips to hire a WordPress developer in India

Not all the web developers in India are the same. You may happen to hire a professional developer in India while there could be a chance as well that you may not get a reliable website developer.

Now the question is “How to hire the best WordPress developers in India?” or “How to find a reliable website builder in India?”.

Below are some of the things that you can check before awarding your website design project to any Indian website developer:

  • Check the portfolio: Checking the past works of your website designer in India is perhaps the most important thing that you could do before you hire one. Having a look at some of their past works will give you an idea about the quality of their works.
  • Check testimonials: Getting first-hand feedback about your shortlisted WordPress developer from their previous clients is a great idea to ensure that you will receive not only the best website development services but support as well.
  • Check technical skills: How good is your shortlisted website developer in coding or website development? You must ask your Indian developer about his strengths and expertise. If you need a basic website, then your website developer should know WordPress, CSS, HTML, AJAX, and so on. But if you need an eCommerce website or a web portal, then your website developer should be good in coding or programming so that he can complete your project on time.
  • Check communication: Communication is the key when it comes to the success of any website design project. If your Indian website builder is not able to communicate with you effectively and efficiently, he may delay your project or do it wrongly. Sometimes even at first, he may not be able to finish your work at all.
  • Check experience: Experience is the most important thing that you must check in your shortlisted website developer. If your developer has more than 5 years of experience, you can definitely count on him however if he has only a few months or a couple of years of experience, you may want to think twice before you hire him, even if he quoted you the lowest price on the earth.

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What can a WordPress developer in India do for you?

Now that you know why should you hire a WordPress developer in India and what you should check before hiring an Indian WordPress developer. Now let’s see what can a WordPress developer in India do for you.

  • Website design & development: If you want to build a new website at an affordable cost, a WordPress developer in India can help you.
  • Website redesign: The Indian WordPress developers can also help you to redesign your existing WordPress website. Whether you want to get a new skin for your existing website or to add new features to your WordPress site, Indian WordPress builders can help you.
  • Website fixing: If your WordPress website is throwing some errors or issues, Indian WordPress developers can assist you to fix them. At Innomax, we offer our clients special website fixing services under which we resolve all the errors & bugs on the website and enhance the performance of the website.
  • Landing pages: You may be running a few advertising or marketing campaigns for your website and you may need a landing page. Your Indian WordPress designer can assist you to create landing pages for your advertising campaigns at an affordable cost.
  • Blog development: Do you want to start blogging? Indian WordPress developers can help you to create a profitable yet affordable blog using WordPress CMS.

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How much does a WordPress developer in India charge?

To build a basic informative/corporate website, the Indian WordPress developers may charge you as low as $400 while the eCommerce website development cost in India (using WordPress) may start at $800.

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