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If you have a WordPress website, you may have to redesign it at some point in time. There can be various reasons for the same.

Some of the reasons to redesign a WordPress website are mentioned below:

  • Changing the design of the website.
  • Adding new features to the website.
  • Upgrade WordPress CMS to its latest version.
  • Update all the plugins of the website.
  • Update the WordPress theme to its latest version.
  • Fix any existing issue or bug(s) on the website.

Whatever the reason is, when it’s time to redesign your WordPress website, you must hire a professional web developer in India who can help you to redo your website.

wordpress website development in India

Hiring a WordPress developer or a WordPress development agency in India will help you not only to save on your web design cost, but you will also get excellent support from the Indian development team.

But the question is “How much does a WordPress builder in India charge to redesign a website?”.

Well, the cost to redesign a website in India depends on several factors however in this blog post, we have shared an estimated cost to redesign a basic WordPress website and have provided the breakup for the same.

#1 Cost of WordPress theme

When your Indian website builder works on your website redesign, he may have to purchase a premium theme that he can install and customize to match your expectations.

Usually, a premium WordPress theme costs between USD 50 to USD 80. You can find several great platforms such as ThemeForest where you can search & purchase your desired theme.

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#2 Service charges

The average WordPress builder in India would charge you somewhere between $300 to $400 to redesign a basic corporate website. However, if it’s an eCommerce website, your Indian web developer may charge $800 or more.

So, you can add up this cost to the WordPress theme cost making the total cost of your WordPress site redesign $470 (in case of a corporate website) and $870 (in case of an eCommerce store).

Some web developers in India may also charge on an hourly basis. But we would really suggest you go with a project-basis quote rather than an hourly one. This will avoid any possible over-billing or conflicts with your developer.

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#3 Hosting (if applicable)

If you are looking to redesign your current WordPress website, it means that you already have a website that’s hosted somewhere. However, if you are not happy with the performance of your existing server or the hosting support, you can switch your website hosting during the time of your website redesign.

There are many hosting companies across the globe that may charge you between $100 to $150 per annum. At this price, you will get a shared hosting package. But again, if you are happy with your existing hosting provider, you don’t have to spend this money and it won’t affect your overall cost of a website redesign.

Perhaps, your website developer can assist you in choosing an appropriate hosting company for you according to the nature of your website.

#4 Plugins (if applicable)

If you want to add new features while redesigning your website, your web developer may have to add a few plugins to your site. Some of these plugins may come free of cost however others may be chargeable.

So again, the charges of paid plugins may increase your over website redesign cost which is another thing to consider while redesigning your website.

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We at Innomax, always try to make use of free plugins to save on the development cost of our clients. Sometimes, we may have to customize the existing free plugins a bit to match the requirements of our clients, but we don’t mind going an extra mile for our customers.

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