No doubt, Indian website development services are very affordable & pocket-friendly as compared to other companies in the ‘developed’ & ‘developing’ nations. 

There are hundreds of reliable & affordable website builders in India who can help you to create an affordable site. 

Here are some of the major benefits of hiring website developers in India:

  • Affordability
  • Great support
  • Plenty of options to choose from
  • SEO knowledge
  • Custom coding experience

Having said above, it’s not either a rosy experience to get a website done cost-effectively & efficiently. 

There could be some obstacles that you may have to face while working with some of the web design companies in India

why Indian website developers to create an e-commerce website

But this doesn’t mean that you should not outsource your web design project to Indian companies. Instead, you must know how to overcome the obstacles that you may face during your website development in India. 

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In this blog post, we have shared 6 possible shortcomings of hiring website builders in India along with tips to overcome them.

Let’s start.

#1 Lack of communication

Not all web development companies in India are the same. 

While most Indian website companies have well-trained project managers who can communicate with their overseas clients efficiently, some of the firms & website developers don’t possess the required communication skills. 

In order to complete a website successfully, communication plays a major role. 

If your shortlisted web developer is not able to communicate with you effectively, there could be several misunderstandings and as a result, your project’s completion timeframe may get delayed. 

What’s the solution?

Before even you hire a website builder in India, do make sure to talk to him and ensure that he understands your project’s requirements well.

You may arrange a call over Skype or Phone and discuss the various aspects & areas of your web development project. 

#2 Timezone mismatching

If you ever hired an Indian website developer in the past who wasn’t available for you according to your time zone, you probably know how frustrating it could be.

In order to communicate well with your web developer, you may need to speak to him quite often. 

But if your developer is not available according to your timezone, you may feel isolated and unheard. 

Isn’t it?

What’s the solution?

Before hiring a web development company in India, you must check with them if they do provide assistance during your own time zone. 

Yes, it’s possible!

There are many website design companies in India that work according to the timezone of their clients. 

We, at Innomax, also provide support to all of our clients according to their respective time zones. No matter whether you are based in America, Europe, or any of the Asian countries, we can provide you with all-time support.

#3 Credibility check

Whether you are hiring a local web designer or an Indian website developer, a credit check is very important.

You must have valid reasons to trust & hire your web developer

Checking the credibility of a local website developer is very easy. You can simply refer to several classified websites and Google Reviews to check the credibility of a local developer.

But when it comes to hiring an overseas developer, you have to take extra precautions.

How can you check the credibility of your Indian web developer?

  • You can request your developer to send some of his clients’ contact details so that you can check with those clients about the work quality & support of your developer.
  • By checking the previous works of your shortlisted web developer.
  • By checking the duration of their existence in the industry. You can also check the formation date of their company to ensure that your shortlisted web design company is really reliable & trustworthy.

Don’t underestimate the importance of credibility checking just for the sake of getting the lowest web development cost.

#4 Long-term support

If you have already hired an Indian website builder in the past, you know what we mean there. 

Even more important than website development is the long-term support from your web developer. 

Many clients of our company had complained about the poor support of their previous developer. In most cases, their previous developer had done lousy work and disappeared all of a sudden. 

Even worst, all the important credentials and source codes were with those developers who never responded to the emails of our clients. 

Don’t let this happen to you. 

Be sure to check if your shortlisted web developer is really able to provide you with long-term support or not. 

How can you check that?

Again, you can contact their existing clients to know about the support of your developers. 

#5 Project handover

Getting a proper handover of your website is very important for your online business.

If you don’t have all the required information or materials related to your website, you may face a lot of challenges in the future.

What exactly do we mean by a project handover?

When any web developer completes a website, he should hand over all the necessary files, data, or credentials to the webmaster.

A proper handover helps the webmasters to take control of their website and engage any other website builder to make any changes to their websites. 

What does the project handover process include?

  • Handing over the source codes of the website (files, folders, and database).
  • Handing over PSD files of the design, if applicable. 
  • All the crucial credentials such as admin username & password, license number of any theme or plugin, etc. 

How can a website builder in India can handover the source codes to you?

If your developer is local, you can visit him or her and get all the necessary files related to the source codes of your website on a thumb drive. 

But since here we are talking about Indian website developers, you can ask your developer to upload the source files on any server for you to download them.  

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