WooCommerce is a great platform for building eCommerce stores. It’s simple to install, easy to use, and it has a lot of great features. 

However, in order to really get the most out of it, you need to find a development agency that has experience with it.

You can find a lot of options to hire a WooCommerce agency in India at an affordable cost.

website design & website development in India

There are many developers and companies in India who are skilled in WordPress and WooCommerce development and they can help you build your WooCommerce store at a cost-effective price.

But the question is “How to choose a reliable WooCommerce agency in India?”.

By asking a few important questions, you can make sure that you hire an efficient WooCommerce company in India. In this blog post, we have shared some of those questions.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Are you able to customize WooCommerce themes?

The theme of your WooCommerce website determines the look of your online store. But the fact is that not all the themes are 100% perfect. 

You may need to customize your WooCommerce theme to match your business requirements. 

A WooCommerce developer in India can help you to customize your website theme.  

If a web development company or web developers team claims to be a WooCommerce expert, then they must be able to customize the themes that they build to your requirements.

In fact, you should insist on it, because if they can’t customize the theme, they are not really the WooCommerce experts.

#2 Are you able to customize the plugins?

It’s important to ask your Indian developers whether they can customize WooCommerce plugins because not all developers are capable of doing so.

If your developer is not able to customize the WooCommerce plugins, they may not be able to complete your website on time.

What’s worst.

You may not get a fully functional eCommerce store if your developer doesn’t know how to customize the plugins.

Not all the plugins can match your business requirements. It means you may need to customize the plugins according to your unique business needs.

Therefore, you must ask your WooCommerce development company if they can customize the plugins to fit the needs of your business.

If they can’t customize the plugins to fit your needs, it’s best to find another WooCommerce development agency.

#3 How many team members do you have?

Before you hire a WooCommerce agency in India, you must make sure that they have a team of trained & professional WordPress developers. 

Working with a single developer may not be a good idea if you are really looking for great quality services.

At Innomax, we have a team of WooCommerce developers, website designers, PHP developers, and more.

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Additionally, you must also ask your Indian WooCommerce company about the point of contact who will be assigned to you so that you don’t have to talk to different people in the same company.

#4 How much experience do you have?

Experience is very important to check while hiring a website design agency in India. If you want a new WooCommerce website or redesign your existing WooCommerce site, you must hire only an experienced WooCommerce agency.

You can check the past WooCommerce works of your shortlisted India company.

When you hire an experienced website design agency in India, you will be assured of:

  • Timely completion of your project.
  • Variety of skills in your developers.
  • Quicker response to emergency situations.

A web developer with average skills who has worked on hundreds of projects is always better than a developer with excellent skills but who has worked on a couple of projects.

#5 Do you provide a service warranty?

The service warranty is perhaps one of the most important items that your website development proposal should have. 

Even after launching your website, you still may face some errors & problems on your website for which you will need the assistance of your web developer to fix them.

Therefore, your WooCommerce developer or agency in India must provide at least a 3 months service warranty to you.

Being one of the leading web design companies in India, we usually provide our clients with a service warranty of 3 to 6 months during this time, we assist them to fix any bugs or errors that may occur after the website launch.

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#6 Is there any discount?

Don’t be shy to ask your WooCommerce developers in India about the discount. Because of the cutthroat competition in the web development companies in India, most agencies would be happy to provide you with a discounted price.

Some companies can even offer you additional services such as logo design, web hosting, and so on.

At Innomax, we provide our customers not only with low-cost website development but also free logo design services and web hosting services for the first year.

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