eCommerce is booming right now.

If you’re considering starting an eCommerce store, then you’re in luck because it’s a great time to do it. The barriers to entry are lower than ever before.

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There are several reasons why eCommerce is booming.

eCommerce is booming because it’s convenient, easy, and people can purchase things from the comfort of their own homes. It’s also booming because it’s affordable as compared to traditional businesses.

But every good thing comes with some drawbacks. So is the case with the eCommerce business.

In this blog post, we have shared the 6 most common drawbacks of an eCommerce business and the ways to handle them.

Let’s start.

#1 Cost can be too high

There is no standard pricing for an eCommerce website development. 

Some web developers may charge a few hundred dollars while others may charge you several thousand dollars. 

Especially, if you are living in the USA, UK, or Australia, your local website builders may charge you more than $5000 to create an eCommerce store. Not everybody can afford this kind of pricing. 

The cost of website development depends on the features & functionalities that you need for your website. But if your business requirements are such that you need certain advanced features, you indeed need them. 

You can’t compromise those features just for the sake of saving some money. When you need them, you definitely need them. 


If you need an eCommerce website but you are on a budget, you can consider hiring a web development company in India. 

The Indian website builders can charge you as low as $1000 to create a profitable eCommerce website with all the necessary features. 

At Innomax, we charge only $949 to create a basic eCommerce website. 

In this quote, we also provide free web hosting for one year and a free logo designing service too.

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#2 Security problems

If you run an online store, then you have to be concerned about website security.

Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common, so you need to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to protect your customers’ sensitive information.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your site is secure.


The process of securing a website starts with its web hosting. You must ensure that you subscribe to a web hosting company that provides secured servers.

Additionally, your website developer can help you to secure your website in many ways such as below:

  • Installing a security plugin with your eCommerce store.
  • Changing the conventional URLs/Username/Password of your website.
  • Enabling SSL (HTTPS://) for all the web pages.
  • Updating all the plugins & themes regularly.
  • Updating the core software version of your CMS.

Again, you can hire website builders in India who can help you to secure your website at an affordable cost.

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#3 Site crashing

There are several reasons why a website crashes. Some reasons could be from the server-side while others could be on the website side. 

For example, if any of your website’s plugins or modules get outdated and don’t support your PHP version anymore, it may cause your website to crash abruptly.

The frequent website crashing can affect your business in many ways such as:

  • Loss of sales & revenue
  • Loss of brand reputation
  • Loss of search engine rankings
  • Loss of customer’s trust


The only solution to protect your eCommerce website from abrupt crashing is to maintain it regularly. 

You or your web developer must upgrade all the necessary codes, plugins, themes, or software versions of your website regularly.

Perhaps, it would be a great idea to hire an Indian website developer to maintain your website regularly.

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#4 Selling customized products

Not all products can be sold easily especially customized products. It can be a huge challenge for eCommerce business owners to sell customized products. 

For example, if you sell curtains or customized jewelry on your website, you need to know the exact requirements of your potential buyers.


Your eCommerce developer can create a form and embed it with the products page so that your users can easily input their custom sizes or measurements and get a calculated price for them to pay and buy the product.

Of course, creating a customized eCommerce solution can cost you a lot especially if you hire a web developer in the United States, UK, Canada, or any European country. 

But if you are on a budget, you can consider hiring a website builder in India to create your customized eCommerce store.

#5 Tax issues

Tax can be a challenge for eCommerce businesses because most online retailers are selling to people from all over the world. 

Tax laws differ from country to country, so it’s important for eCommerce businesses to make sure that they collect the correct amount of tax in each location.


Your website developer can integrate a tax plugin or module with your website so that you can define the tax slabs according to the country mentioned in the delivery address of your customers.

Luckily, if you are using WordPress for your eCommerce website, you can easily define the tax slabs for different countries.

#6 Severe competition

Last but not the least, severe competition is yet another challenge that most eCommerce business owners face. 

Since the barrier to entry for new players into the eCommerce space is getting lower and lower, you can already find a lot of competition in every eCommerce business. 

Whether you want to sell premium jewelry or affordable apparel, you will have to beat the competition in order to survive and grow your business.


Getting an intuitive & user-friendly eCommerce website can help you to stand out from your crowd to a large extent. 

Therefore, it’s always recommended to hire experienced web developers to create an eCommerce store. 

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But hiring experienced developers will definitely cost you a lot if you are trying to engage a developer in the US, UK, or Canada.

What’s the solution here?

You can hire website builders in India to create your online store. You can easily find & hire several web design companies in India that offer low-cost eCommerce web design packages.

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